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Will It Ever End??

September 8th, 2018 at 06:01 am

I suppose I am 80%-ish done with work. Bear with me.

Yesterday was my official last day. & was probably at least two more days than I initially had planned. UGH!

I am going back Monday. I think I just needed to space it out a bit for my sanity. It's part that, and part unemployment/gas savings. (Need to pinch pennies where I can). I have two interviews Monday, and my office is right in between. It will be a good place to regroup. It's kind of moot because everyone abandoned me and no one to turn my key into yesterday. HA! (Which happens when you have like only one employee). But anyway, to be fair, I told them I'd just drop off my keys Monday.

Monday: Do a once over (when I have a little time and breathing room) and make sure I didn't forget anything. Turn in keys and passwords. I need to turn in my final time card. I do also have some files to go through still (am relieved to have a little time Monday to do so) and will work somewhat on transferring knowledge and files to "workaholic".

I am not surprised at all that I didn't get my last paycheck on Friday. I think it's for the best because I just know it would have been impossible to be paid for Monday, otherwise. BUT, on the flip side, they owe me a $400 tax-free penalty for every day my paycheck is late. That they seem so oblivious to this very basic (and expensive!) labor law, is just one of infinite things that bother me about this company. (My state does not play around with this stuff). This could tip the scales for me pursuing a legal consultation. I would rather get my paycheck next week and move on with my life. Will see... (I don't know how much any of these kind of decisions are influenced by lack of cash flow or by idiocy. Seems to be a lot of both going around).

In the end, Wednesday was the HARD day. Thursday I Didn't tell anyone I was leaving. I just couldn't deal with that any more, so sent out a slew of e-mails late Thursday night. I know many clients will view this as really crappy, but it's really for the best. If they are pissy enough to move on, that is really what is in their best interest.

Friday, I was not sad at all. So much ridiculousness ensued, and it all felt so futile. Things were kind of coming to a head as to panicked clients (probably spurred by my departure). I didn't get the memo on the newest story we are telling clients. *sigh* (I can't remember what the story is today or who I told what). I know that will never end, because I will continue to get these questions (maybe even moreso) when I am no longer employed. Never heard "boo" from fake employer and they were also ghosting the new receptionist. (Usually she corresponds with them daily). I wonder if that is coming to a head. There's only so long they can pretend, and I think it's getting to be too ridiculous for them to pretend any more. They've shift to "avoidance" mode. I also started going over some client stuff with "workaholic" and it seems entirely futile as to his workload, if any of these clients will even stay anyway, and how little time I have to do this properly. In any normal situation I'd be available to answer questions. You just have to with this kind of job. I don't know where to draw the line with this whole crap show. Will have to work that out in the coming weeks. (I am not too concerned, the more I think about it, because I rarely keep my cell phone on me and tend to be unreachable. & I am guessing I won't get as many calls if I take hours/days to respond). But I am feeling some measure of, "Will this ever end??" There was more. I think just a lot of things coming to a head, plus the reality of it all. I was not sad at all to leave, and it might have been honestly because I was more concerned about not getting mugged. Literally. (I never work late alone, but everyone left and I wanted to get to a point where I could just drop off my keys if I have to). I think that honestly on Monday I am only going to feel relief when I turn in those keys.

My clients are all beside themselves and some of the good ones will need some hand holding. (Some of the others, whatever. I don't care). So I am kind of feeling like this job never ends. Maybe feeling frustrated that it's not the kind of job you can really make a clean break from. I have some very long-term relationships to sort through.

The, "Will it ever end?" question just applies to everything. I talked to my mom last night and there was a death in the family (24yo, auto accident). That is just one highlight of a very bad week of family tragedy and drama.

I am going to try to break this out into 2 posts.

1 Responses to “Will It Ever End??”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Sounds awful! But yes, the bad stuff never goes on forever, and honestly it is our outlook that determines how it all feels. I hope you can move into some new and better soon, and let the negative ending of this job go.

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