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Getting Caught Up

May 4th, 2012 at 02:03 pm

Gah, what a crazy crazy week!

**Not a lot of funeral type experience here. Most our relatives live in the Mid-West - never went to any Grandparent funeral, etc. Anyway, so I keep reading in the forums how the bereaved are often bombarded with ridiculous amounts of flowers. So when my mom started mentioning all the flowers that people wanted to send her or to Granmda (who passed), I told her I would like to give to a charity, instead. Which I think I already mentioned.

BUT, I went to be with my mom on the day they scattered Grandma's ashes. (My mom just isn't up to traveling, and so my dad went in her place to pick up some things and help sort out affairs). I felt very compelled to bring her some flowers. I just got her the beautiful $5 mini roses they have at our grocer. They just really have the best flowers around. I was SO surprised (& relieved?) when I showed up and she had no flowers. I said, "I thought everyone was sending you flowers." She said, "No - I requested everyone make a donation instead, after I talked to you. That was such a great idea!" So, I was very pleased to hear that. & then didn't feel so silly for being compelled to bring *some* flowers in the end.


**It's hard to keep up with the closing restaurants around here. I don't think it's overly economy-specific. Restaurants are a tough business!

So, the boss's wife took me out to lunch yesterday. Told me to meet her at this crappy Thai restaurant. But the name was different, but I was sure that was the location.

OMG - it was SO GOOD. New ownership - still Thai food. Great lunch specials with huge portions. This will be a great lunch spot for dh and I (where lunch for 2 won't break the bank).

**Reminds me: some how; some way I got reservations at the cooking school next week. I am meeting my friend there - I ditched her for dh last time. IT seems we have been jinxed in that every time we try, the school is closed, there is a private party, or something. She has never been. So, fingers crossed! {Though, maybe this is one of those things that should be kept secret - I am starting to think. It seems to be harder and harder to get reservations}.


**Cell Phone News:

--I got several coupons set up that are phone-only. So am VERY pleased about that. For example, we were getting a lot of $5-off coupons from Round Table, but literally in the last few months, those are suddenly only available if you have a smart phone. Rolleyes Certainly won't make up the cost of the monthly service, but will help. I am hoping a lot of small savings will start to add up.

So happy to get that $5-off coupon back. Woohoo!

--My favorite by far is the online deposits. My CU has had online scan deposits for a long time. BUT, our scanner is on a separate computer, and it really takes a while to scan. Since I have a windows phone, it doesn't work for me. BUT, dh downloaded the app on his phone. I got paid the other day so tried it out. I actually had 2 checks to deposit - VERY awesome. I think it took about 10 seconds, and I had no idea what I was doing. It was just like, "Let me try this out." Okay - that was EASY!

--I am going to have to work on a good balance. It's a big adjustment going from a phone "for emergency use primarily" to a device that does so much. It is going to take me a while, I am sure, to find a good balance. Obviously I am not going to keep it set aside and never use it. But, I don't want to be attached to my phone 24/7. So I will have to work on finding the right balance.

--Oh yeah - no accessories needed. By some miracle, the new phone fits perfectly in my ancient cell case. & I like that the case is so unassuming. It doesn't scream "expensive toy in here!!! Take me!!" Also, the receiver (in car - plays over radio frequency) has been working out nice for MP3 player, and I tested it out with the phone today. So I can get music, navigation, and even texts/e-mails read to me through car speakers. I just happened to get the receiver a few months ago - was like $10 or $15! I think I am good. I am always a believer in a nice case to prolong the life of my electronics, but am glad I don't have to spend more $$ in this case. {Though I would have used our Amazon credit}.


**Getting caught up:

--Just paid all the credit cards off (April charges). Dh can close the Citi at any time - it's paid and we got the reward already.

--Redeemed $50 credit card reward to ROTH (Fidelity rewards card). Was almost there, but needed just a few more charges. Since we are done with Citi and Chase, we had enough charges on this one this month (like $200??? - Was all I needed to redeem another $50).

--Reminds me, made first 2012 ROTH contribution. Well, first non-$50-reward contribution. Might be up to $1000 for 2012. ($750 + 50 + 50 + 50...)

--Cleaned old things off old phone, getting ready to turn off Verizon tonight.

--I am hoping today will be a really slow/quiet "catch up" kind of day at work. The last 4 days have just been INSANE on many levels. {Not to mention how behind I am on many things after 4 months of tax season}.

So, Phew!!


ETA: Dh got $50 for signing up for some financial app that I can't get. Woohoo!

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  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Glad to hear you and DH seem to be enjoying your new phones. Smile It is hard to keep a balance ... especially as you find more and more things you can do with it that save time/enhance your life overall.

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