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New Nook?

January 12th, 2012 at 12:53 pm

Met up with my friend for dinner last night and she showed off her new Nook Simple Touch (Christmas gift) that I Was largely responsible for talking her into getting.

I played with it for about one or two minutes - OMG I want one! Sad thing is I believe mine (older nook) was closer to $150 and this one was $100. I've only had it one year myself. Yeesh!

Of course, doesn't mean I am going to run out and buy one today.

BUT... I do have a $50 B&N credit. I had gotten it free from rewards, to buy ebooks, but haven't spent a cent on it. I'd rather put it towards a new Nook, now.

I mentioned to dh and he tried to hard sell me on the Kindle Touch. Problem with that is then he would want to use it all the time. What he is really saying is, "I want a Kindle Touch!" Sorry dh - maybe you shouldn't have spent all those Amazon gift cards on other stuff (Kindle Fire, etc.). He is also saying that Amazon is better. But I still have a preference for the nook, personally.

That said, he looked up the reviews, and put his tail between his legs and said, "Actually the reviews are REALLY good." Yeah dh - that's what I was trying to tell you. The thing is AWESOME and so much better than the one I already have. I guess my firsthand experience doesn't count for as much. Wink

I looked up the American Express rewards I am owed and the only good gift card I saw was Kohls. I checked on a whim and I can get up to $250 in B&N gift cards, too. Of course dh said, "Can't argue with free!"

So, I am thinking of redeeming $100 B&N gift cards for a new nook and then $150 for Kohls. I already have $50 B&N (can buy a new cover and leave a decent balance for future ebook purchases) and $100 Kohls gift cards laying around. So will still have plenty credit card reward bounty left.

Maybe it's for the best that American Express has been really really slow to give me my points!!

I haven't really told anyone about our credit card reward bounty (I mostly don't think anyone would believe me), but my friend was asking me about Christmas. I told her we usually don't do much but we got the Kindle Fire and 3DS for free with credit card rewards. & Kindle Touches for my folks. Her eyes were bugging out of her head. Now I will have to tell her I got a new nook too (when I get it). I will mention that it was free, too. But, she doesn't know the HALF of it! Wink

If I upgrade, will probably give the old one to a relative. Not sure who. Dh will check what he can sell it for, to be sure, but I expect it to be mostly worthless with today's ebook prices - so much new and improved out there.

We could give it to his dad for his Birtdhay, and leave it at that (no money to spend later this month for that, then). Dh thinks he would like it - his mom took to the kindle more than he expected and so his dad came to front of mind because he is a VERY avid reader and dh thought Kindle would be more for him.

If I couldn't get it for free, I'd probably wait 6 months or so for the next price drop. So, I am excited that I can maybe score one now.

3 Responses to “New Nook?”

  1. Momma23 Says:

    So what does the new nook do opposed to the old one.

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    It's smaller, lighter, 100% touch screen, better battery, and just better organized overall. Of course, I knew all this, but seeing it in action was much better than I expected. I knew they were cheaper, smaller better, but I didn't think it would make *that* much difference.

    I think the touch screen is the most of it. Getting something smaller and lighter with a better battery is an extra perk.

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Nice Smile

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