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Monday Monday

February 7th, 2011 at 12:47 pm

Lunch In: 4
Lunch Out: 1

Breakfast - granola bar
Lunch - Leftover pasta casserole (from last week)
Snacks - TBD

Dinner - TBD

I know everyone thinks I am super organized and I plan plan plan. Well, organized, sure, I guess. But I think my life philsophy is more *keep it simple* than *plan plan plan*.

Anyway, as usual, I just grabbed something to eat on my way out the door. This works just fine for me. All that I really saw in the fridge was leftovers from last week. So that was my lunch.


TV was interesting over the weekend.

**SUZE - What a great episode Suze did. Did anyone watch? Did you love that letter that realtor wrote to Suze? Berating Suze for telling viewers they can't afford mortgages. The realtor said that you don't need a good FICO or more than 3.5% down for a mortgage - and so many people profit from these mortgages - brokers, appraiser, realtors, etc., etc. People need to take on these mortgages to keep the economy afloat! The letter was so self serving, and Suze said to consider the motives of those who encourage you to buy things.

Seems like basic common sense, doesn't it? Consider the motives of others when they give you financial advice.

Likewise, I have commented many times on this blog how absolutely insane the real estate market here is (Sacramento). While just about everyone I know has foreclosed or is on the verge of foreclosure, people all over the world are swooping in to snatch up real estate at *rock bottom lows.* Let's back the truck up here. Real estate may have feel 50% overnight, but it went up 100% overnight, immediately beforehand. The thing is, Sacramento real estate has never been particularly valuable, except when people were taking on mortgages worth 10 times their income. The people who are buying don't understand the market at all. They think prices are super low, when they are actually on the high side, really.

All I see is a new bubble reforming before the old one had even finished deflating.

Likewise, the VERY FEW people I know who did not foreclose, are all running out to buy their first homes, or real estate investments with little money down. EVERYONE. So I have said quite a few times, "Has anyone learned a thing?!?"

Anyway, Suze touched on this. She is the first person I have seen vocalize those concerns. She specifically used the word *bubble* in regards to the prevalence of 3.5%-down FHA loans and the real estate market.

Again, seems like basic common sense, doesn't it?


**'Til Debt Do Us Part

I watched the episode with the guy with the $700/month truck payment.

Boy, I thought Gail was awfully nice to that guy!

When she told him to settle for a *gasp* $400/month payment (very generous, don't you think?) he literally cried and had a little hissy fit about that. He blurted out that truck was the ONLY thing he had bought for himself since having a family (resentful, much?).

Gail told him to live in his truck for a weekend (hey - you love your truck so much...). That was probably genius. BUT, she caved a bit and told him to rework the budget while he was in the truck, if it meant that much to him.

I think that was an important move to get him on board. The point of frugality is not being deprived. BUT, I think her caving in a bit glossed over the point she initially was trying to make that his truck seemed more important to him than his family.

Of course, the very end was warm and fuzzy, he kept his truck, and they did well enough to get the full $5k from Gail.

I can't help but wonder if a large percentage of these families don't learn anything and start back at square one. I'd find it more interesting if they actually followed up on some of these families.

I think it is possible for some people out there to prioritize, and even lease a $700/month truck while being fiscally sound. But, I just didn't see it with this family. The truck was a very big emotional symbol for some deep seated issues between the husband and wife. I just don't think he really *got it*.

6 Responses to “Monday Monday”

  1. PNW Mom Says:

    I love Til Debt Do Us Part.....I was pretty horrified with guy who had the $700/mo lease on his truck. Yikes! Our mortgage is $961/mo! I also wish they would do some kind of follow up on these folks....would love to know how many of them are on their way to being debt free or who went right back to their bad habits and are now in the same boat they were before.

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    PNW - I think that was part of it that I just couldn't get past. $700/MONTH on a TRUCK??? I'd spend that much on a house. We spend that much on health insurance? But I just couldn't fathom spending that kind of money on anything else!

  3. ThriftoRama Says:

    Just hearing someone talk about a car note that high makes me feel nauseous.

  4. SavingBucks Says:

    I love that show, but missed the last one. I do feel that is one is responsible and can afford the amount, so be it. DH had to have a particular truck a few years back so I can personally relate - but with a responsible twist. We purchased a new 2005 Chevy truck with zero down and 0% interest for 2 years. For us that was both a no-brainer and $700 monthly. But we had no debt otherwise.

  5. Freckles Says:

    Actually, there have been a few "Where Are They Now" webisodes filmed; you can find them on www.slice.ca

    Take note - this is a Canadian website so you may or may not be able to view the videos (as we Canadians cannot sometimes view videos on US websites).

    So ....

    www.slice.ca, then click on "videos" on the top right of the page, then along the left are shows, click on Til Debt Do Us Part. It has 8 seasons worth of full episode videos, plus the "WATN?" webisodes I mentioned.

    If you aren't able to access the videos, here's an update on Eryk & Selena, the couple you spoke of. In the 3-4 years since they filmed their show, they cut their debt from 40k to 10k, moved a few more times, Selena had another baby, Eryk lost his job and was driving a taxi to pay the bills. BUT, after the update webisode was filmed, Eryk lost that job and he and Selena separated.

  6. Looking Forward Says:

    Darn I missed all my regular Saturday night shows due to being at the in-laws, and it sounds like they were especially good.

    DH and I have wondered many times about what has happened to the Debt Do You Part people. I will have to check out the above website when I get time.

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