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Splurging a Bit

December 5th, 2009 at 09:02 am

I was going to take LM to San Francisco today, on the train, but the weather is COLD and my friend is out of town, in the end.

Wasn't sure what we were going to do, but decided to go to a museum today, instead, at the last minute. (Before that grand idea, was just going to go home!)


Reminds me, MIL gave me a coupon book for my birthday. The thought is definitely nice, but she handed it to me with the comment we would need it with upcoming medical bills and such. I suppose, but we generally don't have money for most of the stuff in the book, in the first place. Which means, with medical bills and a coupon, doubt we will use it that much. Though I did find a few interesting/useful coupons. Will squeeze it for all its worth, all the same. I just doubt we are going to start eating out and frequenting expensive entertainment places. Wink

I'm in a different city today, so the coupon isn't helpful for the museum. Which is our other problem - we tend to do "fun" things in other cities.


I didn't get a dime for my birthday. Not a CENT! It was just kind of odd. Dh's family is convinced they will spend a hefty sum to save dh's brain, so I assume that mostly explains why. Thing is my mom had been giving me some money the last few years. So I was kind of surprised. I suppose this year it doesn't matter much. It works out. It just sucks to get used to getting a couple of hundred bucks, and then getting nothing.

I suppose that is the theme of the upcoming year. Not counting on anything, in this economy. Less so than before, not that I ever "count on bonuses" and such.

I was spoiled rotten with material things, food and love, so I am not exactly complaining, either. Wink


I've been too busy to worry about dh this week.

He JUST got an appointment with the best neurosurgeon our HMO can offer. We both lean towards him, so I REALLY hope we do like him. Will be the cheapest route, anyway.

I am beside myself because the appointment is in TWO weeks! BUT, in the end, the day was perfect. I assumed dh pushed it off because it was such a good day, but he said that was the first time they offered. We will be in San Jose for Christmas on Sunday, and his appointment is near there on Monday. I will probably just work Saturday so I can take Monday off. It's hard to know if that will work - this time of year gets kind of crazy at work and it is a short week with the Holidays. I suppose it will have to work, orelse there will be a lot of unecessary driving. (I could drive home and work half a day, if I need to, and then meet him for the appointment).

Anyway, we would be there anyway, BM is out of school for the Holidays, and it is a day I can probably take off. Phew.

I feel like everything will be so much easier once we can put our faith in a surgeon. Until then, just in major limbo.

I suppose tomorrow I will do some financial housekeeping, once I make it home. I came to San Jose for a seminar, yesterday. I am so seminared out (20 hours this week?). One more to go - next week!

5 Responses to “Splurging a Bit”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:


    We'll both be in San Jose at the same time! Smile
    The timing sure is good for your dh's appointment, even if it may be hard waiting the weeks for it to come. I hope that it goes well, and the neurosurgeon is a good person/surgeon.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    The 21st? Will you be there?

    I thought you were coming later.

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Oh! If you're only there for the 21st, then we'll just miss each other.

    I thought you were saying you would be there for Christmas Eve. I'll be arriving the afternoon of the 22nd, and probably be there through the 26th, maybe the 27th. Then we'll be heading off to Solvang and Hearst Castle -maybe Turlock (where I used to live/teach) - and finally Loma Linda.

  4. monkeymama Says:

    Yes, I think if you were here any other day in the Calendar year, I would see if you would want to meet up. I think April 14 would be better - hehe. I just can't get away from work those days - it's crazy crazy crazy. Why we do Christmas the weekend before.

    I figure your schedule is also jam packed!

    Though 26/27 I Would be totally willing to meet up for lunch or dinner somewhere. Big Grin I do get Christmas off - and the weekend off.

    I totally understand if you are way too busy though.

  5. mom-from-missouri Says:

    Monkey Momma, your in our prayers!!!

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