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So much for a trickle

September 13th, 2009 at 04:49 pm

All my packages arrived at once.

I didn't expect my bike stuff to arrive so fast! I shouldn't be surprised. The free super shipping usually ends up being faster than standard mail, through amazon. For books and stuff. Clearly for bike supplies, too...


I am not feeling 100%. I would chalk it up to allergies, but dh has similar symptoms. A minor bug I guess.

SO, I doubt I will go on much of a bike ride today. But will talk dh into helping me install all my new gear... New cushy bike seat (for longer rides), new bike computer, new bike locks, and an air pump I can attach to the bike. Phew.

I was talking with my dad and he has a bike storage bag I can have. Yippee! Glad I brought it up - saved some money there. The fanny pack is totally fine, but will be nice to have more storage options.

I still probably want to buy a portable multi-tool, and a first aid kit. I have some picked out - quite reasonable in price and highly recommended. & I will need a patch kit at the least. Will probably make another round of purchases in October, and be done. I hope. I don't foresee endlessly buying bike supplies. It's just hard to start with NOTHING. But perfect example of my style. Spread out the purchases, find used or hand-me-down options, etc., etc. Research endlessly for best price and quality.

I did end up finding some workout clothes at Marshalls, for a steal. So that worked out well. I still need some pants, as the weather rapidly gets cooler. I considered buying more higher priced items at Target, but then remembered everything I buy there seems to fall apart so quickly. Marshalls didn't have much in my size, for pants. BUT, I actually have some workout pants that aren't falling apart, so I have some time. I really had no workout shirts, before.


Yesterday I ended up spending like $7 at 7-11 for some food. We were with our parents all day. Can I say, thank goodness for that? We were going to run by Walgreens and it was closed. So more than I prepared to spend. BUT, all day after that BM kept saying, "I'm starving!" HE's in some major growth spurt mode. So I felt relieved we stocked up on a few things - would have eaten my parents out of house and home.

My parents' bought me Togos for lunch (kids just had PBJ) and the in-laws bought some Thai food for dinner. Plus we were invited to their next door neighbor's party for a time. Food food food galore. The kids ate like ALL DAY. Thankfully there was so much food available. $7 wasn't bad for all that we ate yesterday (usually how it goes - we get spoiled).

We decided to come home today - not much planned. May spend a few dollars, but still in low spend mode.


I am so excited though! A large reason we went to San Jose yesterday was to take BM on what of my old favorite bike rides.

We didn't do my ride, 100%. We stuck to the dirt paths, which I am not a fan of. BUT the paved road had a fair amount of cars, and the end of the ride was pretty steep. So in the interest of safety, I played along.

Going up was fine. I could get into it. Going down is another matter. I was slow as molasses, which took away some of the fun. I am just not comfortable at all on the dirt paths. I have only ridden pavement before.

I tried not to have too many expectations on the ride. It's easily been a decade. I figured, I was young, in shape, and had a far better bike last round. So I was wary if it would kick my butt, or what.

I came off the ride rather impressed. It was easy peasy. I may not workout as much as I would like to, but I was pleased with added weight, a lesser bike, etc., etc., that the ride ended up being quite easy. In much better shape than I would have thought. I also was able to give all my gears a good trial run (really haven't had the chance) and all seemed well.

I also got a true comparison of some of our new rides we have been trying around where we live, and I think the one I have come to love is very comparable. Thank goodness! I told dh I miss the hills, but truth was, I am not much of a hill rider. I like something more than complete flat. BUT by the same token, I am a little too cautious to want to go down a huge hill. So I feel better about things. I think I can be very happy with bike options where we live.

I've always felt the one thing I missed moving here was my bike rides. & well, that no longer seems to be the case! (Plus, heck, we can hop in the car and ride anywhere we want. Now that we have bikes, I am sure we will bike ride around San Jose more - we are there enough anyway).

Since having children, I have not had the money nor the time to tend to most of my hobbies. Time has probably been the bigger issue. But it feels nice to move on. Life returns to some "normalcy"?


Pictures from my ride:

7 Responses to “So much for a trickle”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Beautiful pictures. Smile
    What kind of air pump and helmet did you get for your bike?

  2. monkeymama Says:

    The air pump was a Schwinn that attaches to the water cage (of all things). I noticed my dad had one like it on his mountain bike (he has one of those teeny-tiny ones for his road bike). Mine looks exactly the same though it is a different brand.

    The helmet was a Bell from Target. Read great things about the brand, though the exact model I ended up with was merely because it fit well.

  3. sweetmama Says:

    You might try Big 5 for the workout pants. I've had good luck there especially when they have sales.

  4. baselle Says:

    That third picture looks especially cool and refreshing!
    I got my workout pants from Ross. So far, they're holding up.

  5. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Hmm... I don't think my bike has a water cage. I'll have to check at Target for the helmet (after I get moved!)

  6. Broken Arrow Says:

    Those are great pictures!

  7. monkeymama Says:

    FT75 - it was the Bell Adrenaline.

    Look at Amazon - they have extensive reviews on everything, and good prices.

    Reminds me - I really need to get a water bottle setup for BM. (& now he wants a bike computer - of course. Mine was only $9.99, but he is too rough for it, methinks).

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