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Weather is SO nice!

February 19th, 2007 at 08:55 am

Oh I am feeling in such a good mood because the weather is nice. I was too sick to venture out but late yesterday afternoon dh took the kids to the park - they had a blast. Daylight savings starts early this year and I am stoked. Love coming home and having time to go outside, get a walk in, play with the kids, get fresh air, etc. So am in a good mood with the weather!!!!

I am feeling better today - will brave work.

The budget is interesting this month. I did notice the grocery and gas bill were insanely low - dh hasn't refilled his gas tank in ages. So we were talking last night and he said he hadn't been to the grocery store in a long while because everyone had been too sick to eat (primarily kids who eat way more than us it seems). & also that he hadn't been driving for his film work, all done, so he mentioned he didn't remember the last time he got gas. Plus with sickness I haven't been driving to work or preschool either. I think all of this will help offset some of the medical expenses.

For whatever reason we were also discussing dh's movie - premieres in just a couple of weeks!! & the money he may (odds are slim - but possible) he may make. I guess I was in a generous mood because I told him no matter how much he got we should just reinvest in future movies. I started thinking about all the gas/car expenses we had since he was actually driving his car a lot more, possible daycare expenditures so he could have more flexibility (LM is getting old enough), etc., moreso than the few thousand I assumed he'd want to upgrade his equipment. We were even discussing it as a film fund but could double as an emergency fund as well, obviously a true emergency would come over his film stuff. So something to think about. No matter what we do I will demand a slice for myself and for the e-fund. But if 99% goes back to him moving forward on his career I am fine with that all the same. I think it is just bad overall to get ini the mindset this money is his is why I would at least demand a little for myself and the e-fund. Hehe. I think it is a dangerous mindset to get into. But overall the hope would be to help him generate more income to come back to the family, and that is a worthy goal!

GMAC bank just sent me checks. My new MMA. Too bad since that was s'posed to be my e-fund, separate it out, make it easy. Gah. I know I do not have to use them but I am thinking if I move my short-term savings over there too it will earn higher interest and I can write checks for insurance and property taxes directly from it, avoiding a lot of transfers. I'll think about it. MAkes sense, just makes it a little harder to track. I was enjoying the balance in that one account equaling the balance in my e-fund. But with the interest might be smart - have $2200 in short-term savings today. IT is earning 0.4% less in the meantime or something and gets drained out twice a year so I don't know...

Well that is all the money stuff thinking of today. I actually have not much more than work on my mind really. I am going back to a landslide. Hope I feel up to a full day...

ETA: Oh I just had to add what a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!! It has hardly rained all winter but it did all last week (rain = snow in the peaks), and then this week "spring" has been settling in. So my drive to work I saw beautiful snow-capped mountains (sierra nevada) in the background, against a brilliant blue sky. It is just gorgeous out there.

I can't imagine how I would feel in an area with real seasons. Califorina is just so moderate overall there isn't a huge difference in the seasons. I actually find Sacramento a little refreshing, we get more beautiful colors in the fall, a little closer to the snow-capped mountains in the winter. But still overall not a huge difference in the landscape season to season. But with the heavy snow/rain followed by such nice weather, it is just absolutely gorgeous here today. Too bad I am locked up inside under a pile of tax returns - LOL. I heard it was going to rain or something too but doesn't look like it. Wink

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