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What would you do without a car?

November 30th, 2006 at 01:08 am

I am just curious. I know a lot of the talk of car replacement funds and collission and all that is a totally different story to me with 2 perfectly working cars at home and a family that only needs one car. It wouldn't even really put us out that much at this point to go to 1 car. Dh mostly leaves the house when I am home from work. So if a car breaks down or even was totaled I really wouldn't sweat it. Though I guess it is possible something could happen to both cars, eh? Flood?

But, I Was just curious because a coworker has not been ALL week because she had car problems. ??? IS it just me? You seriously can not find ANOTHER way? Strange.

When we first moved here and I had no one I had some car problems and took my car in. & then promptly called a cab. The car shop owner looked at me like I Was crazy when I Said I Was waiting for a cab - he had an employee give me a ride to work. Being young and cute helps I guess. Sure a rental may be cheaper, but I just needed a quick ride to work. Whatever. If I Was really desparate I could have taken a bus though. Light rail. Train. Lots of options, my office is right by the light rail. Cab fare for one day so I Can complete my responsibilities at work, no biggie to me. Those were in the days we were making big dough though. Convenience won hands down in those days.

Ah, so I just got the message she won't be in tomorrow again because she has no one to get a ride from. I thought of offering but I thought if she really wanted to be here, she would. Maybe it would piss her off if I offered - LOL. I don't know. She lives far out - 20 miles east of me. But um yeah, I Could give her a ride - I live closer to her than anyone else around here.

I just find it strange. Is it just me? Oh well, just extra strange because not someone I Would imagine is hard up for a few bucks for a rental or something. We are always talking about how crazy it is people live beyond their means. I guess it sends a message that work isn't that important and that isn't a message I would want to send. There are people here where the message would be - "I am too broke to do otherwise." Public Transportation can be pricey around here. But I am afraid she is sending a completely different message. IF it was me I Would just call in sick I guess - LOL. If I was just going to throw up my hands in findig a way to get to work, why would I admit that???

Or maybe I just read too much into the whole thing.

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  1. yummy64 Says:

    Guess for her the cost of no salary for the days she is missing is less expensive than the cost of renting a car. I'm assuming she is either burning vacation days or not getting paid.

    Sounds like new math to me. (Unless of course she is test driving a new job before quitting).

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Well, in this very special case.... I'm tempted to say that it could be you. Big Grin

    But please don't think that I mean that as a bad thing! Quite the contrary, I always believe in having backup protection for anything and everything. Clearly, there is an advantage to having a second car in case something were to ever happen to the first one.

    From a financial standpoint though, if you don't need the second car, I don't know if it's worth the money keeping it up. Taxes, insurance, inspection, tags, and regular maintenance. I don't know. I'd probably throw out a "for sale" notice on craiglist or something and see if it can't fetch you a pretty penny. If not, you can still keep it around, ya know?

  3. mairgrif Says:

    In my area of the country, it would also be very difficult for me to use mass transit to get to my job. However, I'd find a way to get my butt to work! Maybe the first day I'd have to be out, or late, while finding that way, but then I'd be in earning the money for the rental and payment to fix the car. Not coming in certainly does send a bad message. The only time I used an excuse like that was in college, and it was the truth. My roommate came home drunk and took my keys off the counter along with hers when she went to bed. I spent the night searching for them, and the next morning had to call out of two jobs, not b/c of the lack of transportation, but b/c I had no way of getting back in to my apartment afterwards! To boot, she refused to check for the keys in the morning, and didn't realize she had them until 3hrs later when she went to drive a friend home, reached into her jacket, and OOPS! I nearly shot the stupid ditz. Sorry but it still burns me 8yrs later.


  4. baselle Says:

    I know what you mean. I actually live in a place that has decent public transportation, I have no car, its been snowing and where I live the sidewalks have been very icy. I manage and my fellow bus commuters manage. Yesterday Seattle traffic has been a dream (only the professional drivers have been out). Today, not so much.

    Still there are people who insist on driving and insist that 4FWD makes them invincible. I wonder if the habit forms yea or nay when you're a kid. If you've been on the school bus, the regular bus isn't so scary. If you've been driven around everywhere, a bus never occurs to you.

    Or it could be simple: your co worker doesn't care. Big Grin

  5. Broken Arrow Says:

    Okay, let me see if I get the foot out of my mouth without sticking the other one in.

    To clarify, what I mean is, I understand the security it brings about having two cars, but on a separate note, I also understand that people living in places with good public transportation should be able to find their way to work. With or without access to a personal vehicle. I also understand agree with the flippant attitude of people not showing up for work when there without a good reason.

    Bleack. Socks. They taste horrible.

  6. jodi Says:

    If I didn't have a working car, I would borrow one from family. My parents have a car and a truck (for the farm). If push came to shove, I could take one without inconveniencing them too much. However, were that not an option, I might be stuck - but I live in a very rural area with no public transportation except one bus that comes through once daily (still several miles from me). I have never called a cab, but I imagine it would be a pretty penny for me to get a ride in to work. I would be much more likely to check with some co-workers who lived near me and offer to pay them some gas money for a ride in. It doesn't sound like your co-worker wants to get to work that badly!

  7. tinapbeana Says:

    short answer: if my car died DH has a company car and can cart me around. if that one dies too they'll just replace it from the fleet, no issues, all's well.

    long answer: between HS and college i drove 30 miles one way for a job paying $7 an hour. granted my car got 30 miles to the gallon and gas was about 90 cents a gallon (and this was NOT that long ago!!!), but still. at $56 per day before taxes, i could not have rented a car to come to work and made money on the deal. i would have been paying money to work had my car gone caput.

  8. monkeymama Says:

    There is no way in hell I Am selling dh's car - it is of great convenience - LOL. Plus it would fetch little. The costs are few. It just would not cause GREAT inconvenience if we had to live without it. But it would be pretty damn annoying - hehe. THat's okay though BA - I don't think you put your foot in your mouth. I said we didn't "need" it - so you responded. I guess I am just trying to say I have a little more float than single people out there or 2-income earners who rely on 2 cars. SO luckily if my car dies it doesn't affect my day very much. i actually wanted to keep my last car which came impracticall, but I sold it because the insurance was not worth the cost of keeping 3 cars - sigh. I could handle the car, the license (less than $100/year) but couldn't justify the $800/year insurance. Bummer. I couldn't drive the kids and it didn't have a trunk so was pretty worthless though I think I drove it a few months before I realized it wasn't going to work - hehe.

    That's the other thing - I have a minivan (bad mileage) and dh has the greatest little compact car so they both have great uses. Long trips and tight parking spaces = dh's car. Moving and transporting people and stuff = my car. There are a lot of pros to are 2 cars.

    To be fair I thought about my co-worker and she lives a good 30 miles out. I know rentals are dirt cheap during the week though - you can get on for $10-$20/day. It could be cheaper than the train around here - for sure. But it would be quite a trek - a cab might not be not worth it. But then again am I any better because if it was me I would lie and say I was sick or something - hehe. At least she is honest.

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