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Power of Positive thinking

October 15th, 2006 at 08:06 am

I have always believed in the power of positive thinking. I am a very "glass half full" person and little in life really gets me down. In fact, some would argue I am too optimisitc. LOL.

I find it in a similar vein, extremely interesting that putting a little extra effort to frugality and financial goals, how much the money gods seem to be raining on us lately. I have done NOTHING different with my selling jewelry but suddenly I have 5 orders vs. the usual 1 per year from my mom. LOL. They beauty is I didn't have to do anything!!! Dh thinks I am crazy, but I think it is interesting.

I am just kicking myslef for falling asleep at the wheel these last few years. We could have done so much better. I am looking at our budget this month and I am AMAZED at how little we spent and how on track we are. But I am so excited at the track we are on. If overall frugal people have this much to improve, I have no idea what the hell joe blow average is doing. Wasting a lot of money I guess...

Spent some money this weeked. Ah, but it was FUN. I was doing some christmas shopping on ebay. We had budgeted $30 for each kid and I had no ideas for the baby. I was perusing ebay and the abundance of "pretend play" toys like toy tools and toy food, etc. inspired me. I know I do not like the electonic toys overall but looking around we have a lot of flashy toys. I would like to make an effort to build up more of the back to basic toys. I am inspired by my son's preschool which is very big on pretend play. So anyway, I saw a little toy kitchen that I thought was great. IT was cheap but shipping was $20. In the end I went $7 over budget but I think it was well worth it. I will probably buy some toy food to go with it can get for under $5 on ebay. Anyway, it was FUN because I got into a last minunte bidding war and won. I had never done that before and was proud. Instead of $12 I paid $14.50 but I think it was well worth it. The kids will LOVE it. & I am glad I found something so cool for the little one who gets so overlooked. He deserved something big because frankly he never gets anything big. I feel okay with it.

We decided to get my older son a play digital camera. I am keeping an eye out for one in the $30 range. I think he will LOVE it - Fisher Price makes a "kid proof" one.

Today I perused craigslist and ebay for prices on some things I am trying to sell. I think I am going to try my hand at Ebay in the next few weeks - selling. I usually only Sell big things, I find donation and freecycle much easier for little things. & not interested in shipping big things. BUT I did buy a baby carrier a while back for $80 or so. It was the best of the best and they were IMPOSSIBLE to find used. So I bit the bullet and figured I could get most of it back. Since I barely used it - it's in great condition. I was pleased to see a couple on ebay going for $50 with days to spare on bidding. Looks like they are easily going for $60 or even more in the end. I will be glad to get most of my investment back because that purchase was a tough one to swallow.

I also priced baby's highchair, jumperoo and exersaucer at about $30 each. Not quite ready to sell yet, but will be some nice ash in a couple of months. Will try Craigslist.

I am not sure if I ever sold anything on Craigslist. I put a few things up there last year and ended up not going over well. I ended up freecycling them just to be rid because I was in a hurry at the time. But I have vied so much for above said items - I know they go fast. Plus considering I paid $20/$30 each myself - yay I will breakeven in the end.

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