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Moving Towards Normalcy

March 31st, 2021 at 03:08 pm

Vaccinated!  All of us but DL (because he is not 16 yet).  He will at the least be able to get vaccinated this summer, when he does turn 16.

They had a pop up vaccine event (in our neighborhood), intended to hit the uninsured and less privileged groups.  But...  They had 300+ vaccines leftover.   

I still am in disbelief, honestly.  Not only that one of us got a vaccine, but that we all did.

It will probably take a while to process what all this means.

Things discussed already:

--MH wanted to make travel plans to see his Grandfather this summer.

--MM(17) can (safely) get a job this summer.  We had kind of just given up the idea of our kids working at all this summer.

--MM(17)'s high school graduation seems to be a go.  I wasn't particularly enthralled with that (when a date/venue was announced a while ago).  But...  Now it seems more realistic and doable.

I am sure there is a lot I haven't thought about yet. 

Edited to add:  I personally haven't skipped any regular appointments.  So I have nothing to catch up on.  But both MM and MH have not gotten a professional cut in over a year.  They may want to get hair cuts.   

{In the end, my health insurer is highly prioritizing essential workers that work outside of the home.  & I mean, they are not following state guidelines.  They are making their own priority list.  I was offered an appointment today.  So...  I gained 3 days?!  But the leftover vaccines were *great* and life changing for MH/MM, who are at the absolute bottom of any priority list}.

If that's not enough excitement for one weekend...

My parents came up, for the first time in over a year.  My Dad took some sports photos of MM(17).  It was worth the wait!  I thought I missed the boat, but he just happened to get his uniform back a couple of months ago (they've been doing scaled down track meets this year).  So I was able to get the 'professional' sports photos I never would have otherwise gotten.  Will do a repeat when MM(17) gets his cap and gown.  My Dad will do his senior photos.

In other total random news, MM(17) gets his braces off today!  

Financial stuff:

Taxes are (were) on hold again.  I got an email about an unexpected tax loophole (unemployment in community property states).  This will save us $555.  Phew!  So glad I didn't file yet.  I was waiting for more firm confirmation (on this grey area), but got it a few days ago.  I may file our tax return tonight and get that rolling.  Especially now that we are getting a refund.

Oh yeah, I did also get confirmation in that email (from a tax publication I subscribe to) that the IRS has (or will) delay the IRA funding deadline to May 17th.  (I started typing this out a few days ago, it's been officially announced at this point).  I expect to have a lot more information by then and probably would be prudent for me to wait a while to make a final decision (Traditional versus ROTH).  But with the stock market being rocky (more oportunity to buy lower) and college costs getting more clear, I had already transferred $12,000 out of our savings account, ready to fund our 2020 ROTH IRAs.  Will probably just rip off the band aid and be done.

This still leaves $10,000-ish in addition to our 9-month emergency fund.  I updated sidebar (with stimulus and unemployment received this month).  We've got MM's freshman year of college well covered.  Will probably spend next school year (MM freshman year) saving up for Year 2 of college.  That is the rough plan, for the moment.  

Still no college decision.  MM is too busy with school.  His task for spring break is to make choice (still a coin flip) between two public schools.  Should also hear back from last college next week.   It would sure make life easier if they would get back to us before spring break.  It's plausible, but that would probably be too easy.  


6 Responses to “Moving Towards Normalcy”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    So much good news!

  2. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    I got a late k1 just yesterday. ANNOYING. From ETF we owned. Anyway though I'm not filing for a bit to let these things trickle in. Usually I never file earlier than april 1.

    Congrats on getting vaccinated. DH and I did too on Monday by just deciding to take a chance!

  3. Petunia 100 Says:

    Congrats on getting your vaccines! The difference in distribution is startling. In our county, we were alotted an additional 250 vaccine doses, and the appointments were all snapped up in literally a few minutes. SB and I are getting our first doses today, 4/1/21, because we were 2 of those lucky 250.

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    @Petunia - For sure. My employer is actually *mega* wealthy and I presumed that would be our "in" for early vaccine. Who knew that living in a school district with impoverished zip codes would be how we got vaccinated so quick. Boy, that went the other way.

  5. starfishy Says:

    Nice to take advantage of unclaimed vaccines. I say whatever works! Did you get the one shot J&J or do you all need to get second appts? I'm signed up for a J&J vaccine next week at a local dr's office and fingers crossed that the recent unfortunate manufacturing mishap won't effect the distribution for at least this next week. Good luck to MM with college decision. My youngest nephew is in the throes of that decision making scenario, too, and thankfully has some good choices.

  6. MonkeyMama Says:

    @starfishy - we got a 2-shot vaccine. We will get our second shot at the same place, they scheduled both doses for everyone. If it was a '5 leftover shots' situation might be different, but it was open to anybody and they had probably 30% of their shots leftover and filled by walk-ins. (We'd been searching for leftovers before this, and that does seem to be the catch: that they often won't schedule a second dose. In that case, sounds like our health insurer schedules second doses and so does CVS. Is what I have heard in our state).

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