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Crazy Weeks

November 12th, 2023 at 03:50 pm

The last few weeks have been crazy.

Thankfully, there has been some good crazy!  It's a nice change.  A mix of good and bad.  It beats just constant bad news.

The worst news is that MM(20)'s girlfriend has been very ill and she dropped out for the rest of this quarter.  The quarters go so fast and missing 2-3 weeks was just too much for her to catch up.  I feel so bad for her parents. They've been going through this with her sister the last 2 years.  So when the GF ended up in the ER (out of network) I thought, "I guess they know the drill."  Been there and done that.  I expect this is also why she quickly decided to drop her classes.  It was an easier decision, being already familiar with the logistics. 

The really good news is that MH's movie funded!  Woohoo!

But I suppose this means I am just signing up for more CRAZY!  Lord knows what we have gotten ourselves into.

This is just the best and the worst news.  Other things off the top of my head...

There was a brush fire (arson) just blocks from MM(20)'s apartment.  This was a few days after the GF left, so that was a dramatic week. 

Everyone at work has been sick, and so I have been covering for everyone (per usual).  But I suppose this time it was all the departments and everyone was sick.  That was a little extra.  (It's been a bad sick year, in general.) My employees are *always* sick or out with some personal drama.  I still have no idea what it's like to have well employees that show up for work.  Stress apparently works well for me because I've never been healthier.  But I am vaccinated and I don't have small kids at home.  To be fair, I was much more sickly when I had younger kids.  (I work in a young office, most have young kids.) As I type this out, lord knows what DL(18) will be bringing home from the college.  

We had a large bank fraud at work.  Due to several factors, the bank refunded us six figures after 2 days.  Phew!  (It sounds most likely it was post office fraud.  Very similar to when one of my clients had a check washing fraud incident about 15 years ago.)  

On the plus side, I did have my 5-Year work anniversary dinner.  My employer and his wife took out both MH and I.  It was probably the best and most expensive meal I have ever had.  Giving me a taste for the finer things in life. 

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