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More Nesting

September 27th, 2023 at 03:36 am

Nesting tapered off, presumably with the hot summer weather.

I then moved on to office nesting.  

Side note:  It's so funny different personalities.  A woman in our office was upgraded to her own office about a year ago?  She immediately threw a bajillion dollars on the company credit card and filled her office to the brim.  Just looking at her office stresses me out.  (Personally, she is in debt up to her eyeballs.  Probably more than anyone I have known.)  It's just fascinating to me how her entire being just screams spending money.  Not in a luxury kind of way but just in an excess kind of way.  There's been other instances where it has been extreme. 

She's very nice.  We just have polar opposite personalities, on this front.  

In contrast, I just crossed my 5-year anniversary and I had never bought a single thing for my office.  It's a little complicated.  My prior job was more of an art museum for the owners and I was mostly forbidden from peronalizing.  (So I had never accumulated any office belongings.)  There's that, and there's also, "Who the heck has the time to go shopping?"  Maybe especially my first year there.  But for the most part...  Who has time for that?

I ended up seeing an advertisement for a pretty sea scape canvas print.  I had some Kohls gift cards left from end of last year.  I usually ask for these gift cards to use to buy the kids shoes, stuff like that.  I decided I no longer have these kinds of expenses and I have these gift cards just sitting here.  So I bought myself the print.  Once I had it, I decided it would probably work better in my empty office.  I don't really have any where to put it, at home.  

Then that nesting mode kicked in, and I just got it done.  I have a couple of other larger prints arriving tomorrow.  & then I shopped around for some fake plants.


I am digging this one Etsy shop so much, I might take some inspiration from my "lots of stuff" coworker.  I could probably get some kind of plant stand and just bide my time and order things that strike a chord with me.  I can buy one plant stand (as opposed to ten plant stands).

It will be nice once I get all the pictures hung on the wall.  

For my 5-year anniversary, my employer is taking me out for an extravagant dinner.  

& yes, I could have gotten this all ordered for my office 5 years ago.  But I guess it will just be an extra 5-year treat.  I put everything on the company credit card and was delighted not to care about the cost.

Side note:  My employer is a bajillionaire that needs tax write-offs more than anything.  In a different situation I would still care about the cost.  (In most any other situation?)  

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  1. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    So pretty. Our house has nothing on the walls.

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