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July 22nd, 2023 at 01:45 pm

DL(18) hasn't spent any money since June 8th (last week of high school).  He did have one weekend day off where he did a hike and picnic with his co workers (food provided by employer).  & then for his birthday weekend he got taken out by friends.  & he went on a bike ride.  No reason to spend any money.   I suppose this is an extra savings boost, with the 'away from home' job.  It was forseeable, but it's interesting to see that he literally spent $0.  

The new internet bill was higher than I was expecting (only $4? lower than our old bill?).  There was a 'doesn't make much sense' $10 charge that I asked MH about.  He said he didn't know, but he called and got that removed.  Should be saving closer to $14/month.  Took a promo rate for 10x faster speed.  About 10 minutes after he called, the internet went out.  Ugh!  I have no idea if it was related or not.  It sounds like it likely was, but MH is the IT guy and he thought it was just a coincidence.  He reset the router and all was well.  

MM(20) has become more interested in meat substitutes.   Which are apparently much more affordable in his college town.  We had discussed it, how some meals probably worked a little better with the fake meat, etc.  But I didn't realize MH had bought some beyond beef.  He made lasagna for dinner and I was confused when MH was making a big deal about there being bacon in the salad.  While serving such a meaty dish.  Okay?  (I don't think MM particularly cares.  His goal is to eat less meat.  Not to go completely vegetarian).  But then it made sense when they told me the lasagna had 'Beyond Beef.'  Aw man!  I wish they hadn't of told me.  I really would have liked to have tried it without any bias.  Overall, the first taste was, "Yeah that's strong and I think I would have noticed."  But after that, I did not notice at all.  MH had the same experience.  It has some flavor to it, which most people seem to like.  I think I would have preferred more bland and just absorbing the lasagna favors.  But like I said, didn't notice after the first bite.  No big deal.  MM(20) told us that the Impossible meat was more identical to beef.

The Beyond Beef was far more affordable, at $9 per pound.  Versus $6 or $7 for ground beef.  MM(20) told us that he only pays $6 for a pound in his college town.  & it might just depend on the store.  I later saw something like 12 oz Impossible meat for $6 at Target.   I expect MH will be buying fake meat from Target, in the future.

It will be interesting to try in some dishes and see how it turns out.   I expect the fake meat will work better in some dishes than it will in others.  I give a big thumbs up to lasagna.  

I've been enjoying Ramit's 'I will Teach You to be Rich' podcast.

I think for the most part he is coming from the opposite place of Money Mustache (who I also really enjoy).   The common ground is that Americans spend way too much on cars, houses, and (high interest) debt.  

The first few episodes I listened to were all, "I make $300K+ but I am scared to spend money."  I can't say I related to these on any level, but they were interesting to listen to.  & I expect this is why Ramit is not a fan of the whole 'early retirement' thing.  

The episodes have since gotten more interesting.  I think the most fascinating one was a more upper middle class (raised) woman who married a man who grew up lower class.  He didn't see the point in saving for college.  She wrote this off as "crazy".   It's always been obvious that people have very strong opinions on the college topic.  But I never really stopped to think *why* that is.  Ramit delved into class differences and it makes a lot of sense.

I can see that I have a strong mix of middle class and lower class beliefs, with my mixed upbringing.   & I mean, my mom grew up middle class but her parents were deeply impacted by growing up in the Depression.  Which is probably the only reason she could relate to my impoverished Dad on a financial level.  Of course, the college topic is interesting because I have always felt completely *shrugs* about it.  Certainly wasn't raised in a 'college is the most important' middle class type household.  But I just feel very non-commital either way.  If we didn't have the money, our kids don't need our help.  They would be fine.  If we have the money, I don't see the big deal about helping them.  The clear melding of the two classes.  (I now have some perspective why my blase feelings about it all are usually met with *horror* by the middle class.)  <---- A lot of that horror also clearly comes with the idea that college has to cost a bajillion dollars and that community college is generally beneath them, etc., etc.   All that middle class college baggage.  While my kids would have been third generation with a clear road map to figure out for themselves (if that's the road we took).   Community college, working through college, etc.  (Impossible/usurious loans are not part of that road map.)

I find the podcast fascinating.  Digging into all these deeper psychological money issues.  Other episodes I have listened to were couples who were spending beyond their means and admitted to Ramit that they just don't want to change.  After grilling them for an hour, it's what it all came down to.  They know intellectually it's not sustainable but just don't have any real motivation to do anything about it.  The last episode I listened to was a woman who just floated through life and never made any financial goals or has never taken any responsibility for anything.  (For my very goal oriented brain...  Does not compute!)  Some of these are painful to listen to.  I enjoy the ones where there is some breakthrough.  Some Aha! moment.

3 Responses to “Interesting Podcast”

  1. terri77 Says:

    Thanks so much for the podcast recommendation & for delving into why you enjoyed it. I’ve heard of this podcast a lot in the FIRE community, but the title honestly didn’t peak my interest. The way you describe it makes it sound more interesting. I wonder if this is the same person who has the Aries on Netflix which I think has the same title? I tried to watch one episode, but did my make it through.

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    I did watch the Netflix special but the podcast is way more interesting to me.

  3. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    There is a netflix special?

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