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January 1 - 7

January 11th, 2021 at 05:31 am

January 1
$53 MH Allowance Spending
$18 Monkey Mama Allowance Spending

I ended up buying myself something on Etsy.  MH made a few purchases.

We have some "forever" personal spending budget of $600 per year (no questions asked) spending that we generally stick to.  I'd say that most of my allowance spending is clothing (when it comes to clothes I clearly don't need) and most of MH's allowance spending would be movies.  The kind of stuff that we just don't *get* about each other.  But it's a pandemic and this does not describe whatsoever our curent spending.  It was just random stuff.


January 2


January 3
$160 College Applications (Done!)
$ 22  Table Cloth 

I think I replaced a 10-year-old table cloth?  I don't know, the dining table was piled high with crap and the old plastic cover I had was thrashed.  (When I looked up on Amazon to see if I could find it and the size of the plastic cover, it was 10 years ago).  It was time for a change, but I also needed some motivation to tackle the mess.  It is done... 

I told MH I wanted to pretend it was a possibility that we would host people in our house again (soon).  


January 4
$50 Script/Movie Purchases
$25 MH Allowance

I probably would have just thrown this all under MH's allowance, but he mentioned to me the other day he got a couple of humble bundles of assets he could use for future movie productions.  MH is so cheap/frugal he pretty much never spent a penny on his movie script writing aspirations the first 10 years or so.  These days, he is still being crazy frugal, but is willing to at least spend something on it.  Humble Bundle is generally where you get a bundle of software in return for a donation (is how I understand it, or how MH and kids usually participate). 


January 5

January 6

January 7

In the end, I noticed all the charges MH was doing and was thinking he was going a little crazy.  He told me later about the movie assets, which makes sense.  He then mentioned because he had not been expecting unemployment whatsoever that yeah, felt like he had some money to blow.

In the end, they froze his benefits (due to massive fraud investigation) so lord knows...  I think that's insane because they just want to verify his identity.  You know, the guy with the same address for 20 years, and same job for past several years.  But...  I don't know, maybe someone else applied in his name.  I just feel for people who rely on this money.  Whatever, we are just along for the ride.  (They also randomly stopped his benefits last year, I couldn't tell you why or how they ever fixed it.  None of it ever made any sense.  They jiggered with his account so much, I wouldn't  be surprised if that is why his account is frozen now).


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