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2020 Goals Wrap Up

January 1st, 2021 at 05:06 pm

2020 Goals

$1,500 to investments

...($2,074 @ 12/31/20)

...Funded with snowflakes



STRETCH GOAL: +$3,000 mortgage

...I am moving 2018 mortgage goal here, to make up in 2020.  Will see how I feel in 2020, but right now I feel is doable.  It will also depend how college choices start to shake out end of 2020.  Definitely a 12/31 kind of decision.  



$12,000 to IRAs 2020 (MAX)

...($0 @ 12/31/20)

...Will fund with MH's income

...Will not fund until the year is over.  This is for tax and planning reasons.  I won't know what mix of Traditional/ROTH IRA we literally can contribute until we do our 2020 taxes.  In addition to that, can make a more informed decision based on our financial and tax situation for the entire year. 

...In the end, we put so much cash to mortgage, car purchase, retirement (tax avoidance) that we will most likely shift taxable investments to IRAs for 2020.  Will finalize IRA funding/source in April 2021.


We will get this done, with current cash and/or moving money from other accounts into IRAs.  Is not necessary in addition to mega 401K savings, but will move money around for the tax shelter.


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