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October Driving

November 7th, 2020 at 02:49 pm

October Miles Driven:

Teenager Gas car: ??

Hybrid Electric car: 626

All-Electric car: 712

Total fuel costs September: $33

Note: Back to lower winter electric rates.

**Note: We received 90 FREE electric miles last month.**


For reference, fuel cost in October 2019 was $110.    Savings of $77.

Fuel costs October 2017 (two gas vehicles): $196.  Savings of $163.                         

(Note: This was also when my commute was half as many miles)

Driving was mostly my commute, about 900 miles.  I did split the cars somewhat 50/50, but if MH had a 5-mile drive or wanted to get groceries, I left the electric car for him on those days.  Was not exactly 50/50, though mostly have been driving my car (hybrid) on Mondays/Tuesdays and the all-electric on Thursdays/Fridays.  Not only is this to keep both cars running and moving, but...  More to the point, we piled the miles on the hybrid during the past 2 years (30K miles in two years).  I do want to pile more miles on the all-electric and even it out a bit.  50/50 is just how it seems to be working out, for now.

These are all electric miles.   I came up with a rough estimate of fuel costs based on overnight electricity usage. 

I expect MH is frustrated with me because he is getting insane fuel efficiency on all the around town trips (taking kids to school to pick up this or that, getting groceries, etc.).  He wants to see how far one charge will go with his more normal driving.  The problem is that I expect it will go about 300-400 miles, and... it's going to take like a year to get to that...  

It's not all me and my commute messing up his test run.  He is working on a film project and did a couple of 100 mile drives (hence the higher miles on his car last month).  He did also take DL(15) to Tahoe when he had some days off of school (which is where he got a free charge).

November is probably going to be a similar miles month.  It's pretty quiet and not much going on.  But...  I am taking a week off work and imagine that we will be doing some smaller road trips.  

I didn't look at MM's car.  I just didn't get around to it yet.  I recall he did some "virtual" 5K with friends (that he drove to) and met up with his friends on Halloween.  He may have driven 10-20 miles.  


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