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Gift Card Balances Oct 2020

October 28th, 2020 at 01:02 am



$50 Barnes & Noble

$20 x 6 Target




$100 Regal




$50 Cracker Barrel

$50 Olive Garden

$25 Chili's

$ 25 x 2 Jamba Juice (Birthday Gift)




$ 50 x 3 Target


Note: Edited over time to remove used gift cards. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Had to redo entry, with new format.

In the end, I found some nice bed sheets to replace our own bed sheets.  Will try to do another post on that.  We liked them so much, I bought some more of the same brand for MM(17).  I had also found a nice mattress protector for our bed, bought a backup (because has been kind of hit and miss) and then decided to pick one up for MM while I was at it.  I went through the Target gift cards and found a nice surprise...  


In the past, hell would have frozen over before I found a cent lying around the house.  But...  You guessed it.  Bought these gift cards in 2018.  Bought in December when on discount.  They were e-gift cards and they got lost in the mix.  I thought, "Surely I spent these down, they are from 2018."  But..  Nope!  

& we should probably spend down the 2019 ones, because probably just going to buy some more in December.  I never do the max, mostly just buy enough for gifts and school supplies.  I think for the best, we have a big pile to get through.  I didn't bother tallying them all.  But I think I had a good idea of all of them except for the paper print outs.

I had also been saving my Kohls card ($50 gift last Chrismas) to buy the kids shoes.  But...  They aren't going anywhere and seemed to have stopped growing.  I am probably just going to get some more gift cards soon, so figured I would spend it.  

It's not just a pandemic thing, we weren't getting through these cards anyway.  It's just even more slow going right now. 


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