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Financial Updates

May 17th, 2020 at 02:32 pm

MM's #1 college choice (a very small private college) is offering significantly reduced price summer classes (online). MM(16) applied for a class I don't think he technically has all the prerequisites for, but I am sure he would be fine. Anyway, he was approved Friday and he is so excited. What an amazing opportunity to test drive the school. I sent a check out in the mail on Friday.

That has been our one splurge. April "extra unemployment money" (above and beyond normal wages) will cover it. I mentioned in my last post we've yet to receive any of several expected windfalls. So between that and just being insanely busy, haven't put much thought into it. This was just an opportunity we felt we could jump on with some extra money coming in. For the most part we are just in "wait and see" and "hoard cash" mode, as to how our jobs shake out.

The dentist/ortho offices opened back up in our area and so the kids went in last week. They both have different schools and so never went together before. In this case, no parents allowed and so MM(16) just took his brother. DL(14) ended up scheduling their next appointment; I guess the ball is in their court.

The only other financial update I have is that I think our refinance is dead. Long story, but there is some required impound based on our zoning (a newer law) and they didn't even tell us until Day 70. In fact, everyone I have talked to is "Duh, I don't know why the system is making me require this impound." I think I remembered subconsciously, is a newer law. I looked it up and *I* know why. But our credit union is small enough there is a very slim chance they will let it go. (They do not have to require because of the size of their assets. Is more of a bigger bank requirement). They have been working 24/7 and are totally slammed and so I honestly think they just forgot about us. I don't get the sense they are fighting hard to get this appealed for us. 😉 If we had a bigger loan or planned to be here longer we'd probably have to let it go. But in this case, it's just not worth the hassle. We are waiting for the Hard No and then we'd like to sleep on it. But I think we are about 99% "Forget it," at this point. Will just add it to the reasons we want to be done with mortgages forever AND one more reason we want to move out of this neighborhood.

It has been interesting. The pendulum has swung way far back towards the days of the No-Doc loans. It's basically been a No-Doc loan. I've heard in the news that banks are way tightening their lending standards, but is anything I have yet to see personally or professionally. It's definitely coming, but it just hasn't hit yet.

2 Responses to “Financial Updates”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Hope the class proves to be a success for your son. Glad the college approved it.

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Oh yeah, I was thinking about a refi when you mentioned it way back at the beginning of lockdown! Then I just gave up thinking about it. That's one of those financial things I find it impossible to crunch the numbers intelligently and figure out if it would be beneficial and if so, which one to do, and which lenders are reputable, and WTF are points I still don't get it no matter how many times I have them explained to me, etc. etc. etc... I don't understand in the best of times, and my brain is not going through what I would consider the best of times!

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