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Gift card Balances Jan 2020

February 3rd, 2020 at 01:36 pm

Just tracking gift cards.

$ 20 x 6 Target

$100 Regal

$50 Cracker Barrel
$50 Olive Garden
$ 25 x 2 Jamba Juice (Birthday Gift)

$50 Kohls (Christmas Gift)
$ 50 x 4 Target

Note: Edited over time to remove used gift cards.


We've actually been using up some gift cards. Re-gifted a movie gift card and got through some restaurant gift cards.

1 Responses to “Gift card Balances Jan 2020”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    There was a editorial on our local TV station about how much money goes unused on gift cards. Glad you are making sure that isn't going to happen. A couple of months ago I ran across a Kroger gift card in my purse and I went to use it. I think there was 30 cents on it and the cashier kind of hinted it wasn't worth it. I said it was 30 cents less I would have to pay. I guess I know no shame! Smile

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