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Electric Car Costs Update

October 28th, 2018 at 02:15 pm

I received my home gas bill and it was something like -$20 due to an energy credit. (They owe us $20). Our home is crazy energy efficient, though we have the more expensive private utility for our gas. So our bills average around $30 per month throughout the year. People all the time presume we have like $300/month heating bills in winter, if we have a larger home than they do. ??? I've never had the heart to tell anyone that is our bill for the entire YEAR. This is also one reason we would very seriously consider new construction again. We've been really spoiled by the low utility costs in this house. I'd describe it as more frugal energy efficient. Most of the energy savings was put into wrap and insulation. Not into things like solar (that cost a LOT of money).

Anyway, I saw the gas bill, so thought I'd check on our electricity usage for the month.

This was electricity usage pre-electric car:

This is electricity usage with overnight car charging (for lower electricity rates):

I was trying to figure out why our electricity was spiking so much more in the evenings on older bills, and I finally realized that was A/C. This second picture is more average electricity usage for us during the fall.

We can charge the car between midnight and 6am for cheaper electricity rates. There is a delay on the charger where you just set how many hours later you want to turn it on. Or you can set that up in your car. I think there's a way to set it up so that if the car knows it is at home it will always delay to midnight, or something like that. I suppose that is something we should figure out. But for now, I just usually set it to charge 8 hours later, when I get home around 4pm every day. Or sometimes if MH is going to run MM to gymnastics or something like that, I charge it until 5:00 and then unplug it. Is just enough charge to make a trip like that.

The summer rates are going to be INSANE during the week for 5pm-8pm, so we are just trying to get into that mindset/habit NOW. We have about 6 months to adjust. Mostly we are doing all the laundry on the weekends and making sure to charge the car at midnight.

I was really pleased to see this last summary pop up, when I logged in to electric company website today. It's going to be so easy to calculate the electric car costs.

For simplicity sake, will probably just use that '12am-6am usage' figure.

So, for this month we used 284 kWh so far, from 12am-6am. It looks like we used about 1.50 kWh per day, during those hours, before we bought the car, so gives us some kind of baseline usage. BUT we also sometimes top off a few miles on the car here and there during the day, so will just consider that to be a wash. Keeping it simple.

284 kWh x $0.0819 = $23.26

If this were the bill for the entire month, that is the number I am going to allocate every month to car fuel costs, instead of "house electricity".

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  1. Debtfreeme Says:

    I live in the same city area as you and use the same utility companies. I logged into the electric company went today to see what would happen for my accounts because of the 5 PM to 8 PM thing. It should tell you what it’s estimating what happened to your account, mine will drop about $20 over the course of the year based on the adjustments. I just need to get my roommate on board so that he doesn’t use much electricity between 5 to 8. He tends to do his laundry during the week instead of on the weekends. I’m gonna try and ask him if we can’t do laundry after 8 PM. I wish my house was as efficient as yours, although it is 22 years old. My gas bill averages around eight to $10 a month for about half the year or maybe a little bit more because the only thing that runs in the This summer that is gas is the water heater. In the colder or winter months it runs between 60 and 80 depending on how cold it is. The house stays pretty temperate between 60 and 64 and when I live alone I only really hit my bedroom with a small electric heater. But with a roommate I’m going to have to heat the whole house again so the bill will probably be a little bit higher.

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