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Time Off = HA!

September 8th, 2018 at 08:40 am

I know that as I get time and space from my work situation, it will all get better. I am hoping next week feels like a lot of time compared to this "all encompassing" work situation. Unfortunately, I still think it's going to be "quite encompassing." As is job searching.

A couple of people (old co-worker and a client) have really encouraged me to take some time off in between jobs. I was leaning more towards that way, but just had too many really good opportunities last week. & I feel I should be looking, even if I just have to be a little more assertive as to start date. But anyway, I did want to share this because both of these people are childless. I don't think their idea what time off looks like is in line with my reality. Ha!

Loose plans to do with my (who knows how long) time off: I wanted to make it a priority to get my professional education done for the year, while I have some extra time. It is doubtful that I can continue to do this on company time, since I am going in another career direction. I did find some time last weekend to make sure I had all those records and to see where I was at with things. I need to get 20 hours of work done. May just cram it in next week to be done?

Other than that, I Feel like I am drowning on every level. Need some time to get the house in order, to go through e-mails, to help DL with whatever he is going through (teen angst/mental illness), to make sense of work files I have strewn everywhere around the house (cleaning out the office a little at a time; planning my exit all year long ~ no time to deal with any of it). & maybe if I am home, maybe MH might want me to pick up some slack on the home front (reasonably so). & to be clear, I don't think he expects anything whatsoever of me the next couple of weeks.

So yeah, I was already feeling some measure of, "Time Off? HA!"

That said, I am taking today off to do NOTHING. MM has been sick all week and I have been feeling the start of something all week. It is an absolute miracle that I am not sick, with my stress level and exhaustion. But maybe it will hit me eventually. Today it's just bed and couch. Brain dump here too, because I need it.

This is my schedule so far for next week:

**Job interview a.m. (looks like a really good fit, possibly less than 40 hours per week)
**Stop by office for "final day"
**Recruiter meeting around noon
**Probably back to office for final wrap up (depends how long a.m. interview runs)

NOTE: Have to update my resume to reflect my job ending. I will probably do this today + make up a reference list.

**Lunch with old employer and his wife. They just didn't have time for me last week.

**Meeting with a client who told me that he felt abandoned.

I might try to schedule some more of these on Tuesday. May end up with some side work. Mostly not interested, and my priority is finding another full-time job. But on the flip side, want to help how I can and I think it's good to open the conversation in case I am unemployed for a while. (I am being extraordinarily picky as to clients I am engaging with and services I am willing to offer on my own).

**BIG interview in San Francisco

**Apply for unemployment? I need some time to try to compress this entire ball of crazy into a very clear explanation that I was laid off (for all intents and purposes; employer is completely MIA at this point). This is for more backup purposes (if I end up unemployed for a while), but even getting one or two weeks of unemployment benefits is better than nothing.

This "tech start up" interview process is pretty intense. I am hoping my stress level drops a bit after Wednesday.

Will see how crazy the rest of the week ends up being. Amazing job opportunities aside, I may just earmark the following week as a bit of a "vacation". & that may be mostly focusing on the home front (infinite chores), but that's okay. Would definitely be a change of pace and a huge stress level decrease.

In other news, I e-mailed my SF bff to see where she was working these days. Looks like her office is right by where I am interviewing. She replied and told me she hated her job and her entire profession and she had quit and is taking some time off. HA! I guess there is something about turning 40+. I'd love to meet up with her anyway, but now I really really really want to meet up with her.

I broke all this out into 2 posts, because it was just a lot.

7 Responses to “Time Off = HA!”

  1. crazyliblady Says:

    What different direction are headed career wise?

  2. Carol Says:

    Take a break. You need and deserve it. ( Even house stuff will be a break.) The stress is leaping off the screen; either that or you are a terrific venter! Best of luck; you'll figure it all out!☺☺

  3. crazyliblady Says:

    I was also going to say you should do something relaxing before you go on your interviews. Maybe get a spa day or get your hair styled, etc. You should be in the right frame of mind to explain why you would be a good fit for the company and not thinking about all the stress and whatnot you just left.

    I really hope you get a really good job in a much better company. I am sending good vibes your way.

  4. Dido Says:

    Glad you are taking today off! That seems essential, especially if you are going to keep healthy through the transition. Sorry it’s not a clean break, but glad you are on the downhill slope, with interview opportunities in hand. Good luck with those! And curious what the new direction you are considering will be!

    Yes, early 40s is the time. I took my first accounting class at 42, left teaching (after 20 years) and started working in accounting at 49, got the CPA at 53 (and am hoping to finish what I need for the CFP at 58 it 59), and plan to retire around 69/70 (God willing that I keep my health), though I may drop down to part-time in my late 60s. Good luck with whatever new direction you move in—I think it’s really energizing to make a change.

  5. LuckyRobin Says:

    Just waiting for you to be able to breathe again.

  6. MonkeyMama Says:

    Thanks everyone!

    I will probably just do a new post to answer questions.

    crazyliblady ~ I think you nailed it on the head. I am so stressed about Wednesday because instead of doing something relaxing, I have to figure out how to get SF in the morning commute (and not get lost?). On top of that, no idea what I am even going to wear! Anyway, both the commute part (logistics) and interview sound pretty intense. On their own, either would be a lot, but the combo of the two is pushing me a bit over the edge. My strategy right now is to not invest any time into that interview (prepping/logistics) until I see how Monday goes.

    In contrast, I feel no nerves (relatively) about Monday interview.

  7. snafu Says:

    Sending best vibes for calm and pleasant, ego massaging interviews that as you feeling satisfaction. Since BFF in
    SF is not working, can you manipulate time and travel to arrive Tues evening, visit overnight with BFF and reduce the stress of Wednesday's interview?.

    Tuesday's visit with old employer is surely an opportunity to kick back with a stroll down memory lane. All the unexpected adventures and experiences that turned out far better than expected. You are a success and remarkably, well thought of! It is incredibly kind of you to visit with former clients who feel 'abandoned.' This is your personal time, your travel expense and speaks volumes.

    When you get to it, the old paperwork at home can do double duty by jiggling memory of a challenge that came out well and used as example in some future interview. Before you tackle clear-out, I suggest checking with your bank, Chamber of Commerce, City Information to access the free Shred It service in your community. Best this stuff go from room to box to trunk to Shred-It.

    Should you feel moments of concern, I hope you remember you have brigades of SA friends, sending good vibes and cheering your every success.

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