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The Longest Week...

September 6th, 2018 at 06:07 am

Having had like the worst year of my life, and more challenges than I ever remember... I was so utterly unprepared for how HARD this week would be. WOW!

I really thought that Tuesday would be my hump day. Wanted to cross off my last big project at work and I also had a really big job interview. All of that went well. Phew!

Wednesday, I had a phone interview. So now I have a second interview with them next week. (They wanted to do it today!) & I have third interview with tech startup next week. If I had to choose between these two jobs, it would be really really hard.

I then started blowing off everyone after that because I was just DROWNING. Got another callback. Thankfully they were mellow about me putting them off to next week. It was a recruiter that is handling the hiring, and most recruiters have been pretty obnoxious and impatient. Everyone needs someone who can start like yesterday. (& I totally understand if they had replied with, "You don't have 5 minutes?? You applied for the job!" But no, I don't have 5 minutes. I have absolutely reached my limit for this week).

Yesterday I started telling all my "easy" clients that I am leaving. The ones who have been pretty sheltered from our office drama and I didn't think would ask me a million questions. I had to make one difficult call because I need some information to finish up and they aren't getting it to me. Thankfully, they had it to me (the info) within hours of this call. Phew! But that one was very hard.

By 4:00 I Was pretty exhausted on every front, and started packing up my office a bit. I think the combo of that and telling clients made it all just very real. I was a bit of a wreck after that. NO IDEA how I am going to do this for two more days.

New receptionist held all my calls yesterday and is so totally awesome. Phew!

Today is just going to be more of yesterday, but worse. Friday, I can't even...

On the "fake job" front:

--We have no janitor service (they weren't paid) and that means we are almost out of toilet paper. New receptionist was writing e-mails about that. I told her to cc: me. My unemployment claim is a total slam dunk at this point. I have reams of ridiculous e-mails about unpaid bills and how desperate we are for staff (the staffing issues go back to March).

--I have still not heard one peep about my resignation. I think these people are done pretending. Could you even imagine resigning from a company and not even getting a response? For a high level/professional position you held for 16 years prior?

Whatever, this certainly helps my unemployment claim. I didn't have any time for their drama anyway. I am personally fine with it and never expected anything different. But it is just so completely ridiculous. I didn't even get a fake nicey nice e-mail about, "Sorry to see you go." That is the part I am surprised about.

I think it probably never occurred to them that I quit without another job lined up, so they aren't bothering to pretend like I have no other choice. I think also they are kind of moronic and have no idea what they are doing anyway. (If I file an unemployment claim, I honestly don't think they have the experience or organization to fight it). But if they wanted to make my life more difficult, they would pretend like they don't want me to go or that I could transfer to another office or something.

4 Responses to “The Longest Week...”

  1. snafu Says:

    I'm so sorry that your departure is filled with drama. I hope you will stay firm on your rights and employers obligation to reimburse previous expenditures, pay your last week's salary, vacation days accrued and the myriad of small sums deducted for the period extending after September 7th. If you have a relative, friend, neighbour of former client that's a lawyer, I suggest engaging to write a letter that you initially prepare, to add emphasis to your expectation. Since the firm was sold, have you been functioning as a contractor rather than an employee? Can you take a deduction for sums spent?

    If you believe the business will close, can super receptionist prepare some type of document that will suffice for IRS filing next April ?

    Sending best wishes for a pleasant, satisfying final two days.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    My heart goes out to you. It sounds like you are so overwhelmed as well emotionally, physically, and spiritually spent. Hang on...just a few more days. You know you are leaving with dignity, even if your "fake" employer isn't responding or acknowledging what you are doing. You have more character than these morons.

    Prayers for peace and sanity for you.

  3. debtfreeme Says:

    I am so sorry you are experiencing this. I had something very similar when I left the place I've worked for 10+ years just a couple of weeks ago. It was so hard when it happened but it goes to show I wasn't respected for the work that I did. YOU leaving on our own rules is amazing.

  4. VS_ozgirl Says:

    MonkeyMama hang in there, this too will pass and you will be on your way out of there before you can even blink. Good luck with your next employment role. By the way you did wonderfully well to be in the job for 16 years, hopefully you will be working for your next employer for a long time also 😊.

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