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Christmas & Birthday Updates

November 21st, 2015 at 06:28 pm

**Dh is fine with the kids' Christmas plan. The only thing was that he had a couple of practical gifts in mind, so we will get those for the kids to open up on Christmas Day. I will fill their stockings with junk food and candy (which seems to be most of what they really want). & then their big gift will be the show tickets, which we were going to buy regardless. We will figure out a clever way to make the reveal. (It's likely we will be able to get front row seats for the show. Fingers crossed!)

I don't recall ever giving the kids "practical" gifts before. Will see how that goes. Honestly, I think they will be too excited about the candy to care. We don't make a big deal about Christmas and so they don't expect much.

**I was able to put together a nice 40th birthday present for dh, today. He won't be surprised but I think it will be pretty nice.

We were able to get a free timeshare stay in San Francisco for one weekend in January. This will allow us to more easily get to 5 Sketchfest shows. (We usually get more bogged down by logistics, which is fine because we usually need to narrow down more, financially).

I really thought I'd be splurging for a hotel and some meals out. Particularly since you have to book SF so far in advance (to get the free timeshare). In recent years we have just been going to Napa more because they always have more last minute rooms, and we tend to plan these things more last minute. So I don't remember the last time we asked for a SF room and actually got one! (& this is only 7 weeks out? It's a higher-end hotel and exactly where we can walk to most everything. We really lucked out). Oh, and MIL told me she would give dh some cash for dinners out, on his birthday. So I guess I don't have to come up with much. Maybe just some parking and public transportation expenses.

I don't know that we will buy all of these tickets, but we can feasibly do 5 shows for $285. That's not bad, and is because we won't have the kids with us. In the end I think we will be able to hit several more shows than usual, while spending in the range of what we usually do anyway. I think the 5 shows are pretty reasonable logistically. They are fairly spread out.

This is pretty much dh's *perfect* weekend.

**P.S. I came up with a creative birthday gift for my dad. It costs a whopping $7. (Tour of a private antique museum, though it might cost more if he wants to spend more time taking photos. Dh was there for an event, and so is how we heard about it).

4 Responses to “Christmas & Birthday Updates”

  1. Livingalmostlarge Says:

    What sounds like a great gift. I need to do something for my mom. Maybe a donation. Or maybe if I can find professional organizer.

  2. Laura S. Says:

    I bought my son concert tickets a few years ago. I sent him on a scavenger hunt. I made up little clues in poem format and each clue led to another around the house. Of course the final clue led him to the tickets.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That sounds like a great way to kick off the 40th year. Smile

  4. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Sounds awesome!

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