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Minutiae Post

July 18th, 2015 at 03:16 pm

I got around to a "big picture" post, earlier. Hoping to have some time to do a "minutiae" post now.

**I didn't mention but we dropped off old car with an empty tank of gas and they gave us a full tank of gas on the new car. If there was ever a month we needed a free tank of gas! Phew! Nice how it worked out since we did not plan it that way at all.

Dh's dad also drove him to one of his medical treatments. That helped too! (Otherwise his family is out of the country so no in-law hysteria. Thank Goodness! You never know with them. I've just bracing myself for the craziness, but it never came. ??? They believe everything they read on the internet and so I'd expect them to be shipping off dh to Mexico for experimental treatment, or just something along those lines. Is how they are. Nevermind that some of the best medical worldwide facilities are in our own backyard. So... Phew!).

**I guess with all the summer family movies dh really wanted to take us to several movies. We found out in the last year that it's $5 at local theater on Tuesdays. (I gleamed this from Facebook. Dh initially disagreed with this information, but it turned out to be right. You think he would know his discount movies!) So I think it's the combo of the discount and all the summer family movies. I'm personally not much for wasting hours on movies (rather waste hours reading books!) But, I've been very open to it to make dh happy. Anything to make him happy during all this medical stuff! We spent $20 last week to see some movie. This week dh's dad had slipped him a gift card with a ? (leftover) balance on it. In the end the gift card had $12 and so we only paid $8 for us all to see a movie. Dh had also earned a free popcorn. That was a nice treat! I think next week they are going without me (though I could probably be swayed) and the week after that we are going to a concert.

Dh had already taken BM to see Jurassic World and Terminator. Dh is clearly in movie heaven. He's never really stopped going to the movies but usually just goes to matinees alone during the day, or is more inclined to wait and watch on our own home theater. I think he has enjoyed dragging us along. I don't know that BM is that much into the movies, but I think socially he likes saying he has seen the latest movies. (Dh is always trying to get us to watch older movies at home and for the most part no one else in the house is interested).

**I guess we've been going out more often than usual, but in our usual in-budget/frugal way.

The other thing is that the kids had their birthdays this week.

For LM's birthday the in-laws took him to lunch, took BM to dinner (well took us all out but each kid got to choose one). The kids both wanted pricey gifts this year and the in-laws were happy to oblige. Often just one of them wants something big and it's never been a big deal. But maybe with age it was nice they got more equal gifts.

Well, I should back up. Dh thought that BM would LOVE a Fitbit and I could certainly see why. BM's response was, "Why would you think that I would want that?" I'll have to ask him if it is growing on him. IT just seems like his kind of thing. He likes gadgets, data and exercise. Well, anyway, his brother saved the day. LM got him a giant exercise ball. Dh told me that he thinks that is probably the best gift BM has ever gotten in his life. Is using as a chair and otherwise rolling all over the house with it. (What can I say, he is easy to please).

He also has since asked for a new skateboard (bigger) which I will probably get him. He never asks for much of anything. For example, he did not ask for anything for his birthday. Just nothing he particularly wanted.

We got BM a used video game for $4 (something he really wanted but dh scored a deal on). & LM some nerf gun he wanted.

Dh took BM to the movies and out for sushi a couple of weeks ago. Kind of on the early side but made it a birthday thing. (While they were out I took LM to his favorite deli for lunch).

We invited LM's friend over to celebrate his birthday on Friday. His friend can't do sleepovers, or weekends. On Saturday we invited BM's friend over for a sleepover. In the morning I took them to their favorite indoor play place and then out for Mongolian BBQ. I don't know if that was ideal but the place is rarely open on weekend and I noticed it was open Sunday a.m. Since his friend had come straight from another sleepover I was not sure they'd be awake enough for that. But they are young and they powered through with their boundless energy. No one fell asleep on the long car ride.

For the sleepover birthday I was kind of stumped on food. We had pizza twice that week already and I couldn't take any more pizza. Plus the in-laws had taken us out and it was a lot. I told dh that salmon wasn't really any more expensive and so I would just make a nice salmon dinner. (Dh doesn't eat salmon). I got hamburger as a backup. BM's friend is so sweet and nice anyway, but he kept telling me I was the best cook. The hamburger was a waste because he was more than happy with the salmon. (Well, my kids liked the double dinner because they are bottomless pits, so not a total waste. I just don't know I would have had the backup otherwise).

**On the grocery front I felt that our grocery bill was going to be insane with the kids home all month. But I guess maybe some of the eating out ended up offsetting that. I think we have $100+ left in grocery budget for the month and several meals dh shopped for but that I did not cook.

6 Responses to “Minutiae Post”

  1. scfr Says:

    $5 is a very good price! Our local cinema has discount Tuesdays also but tickets are $5.75. I haven't been to a movie in a theater in ages but I want to see Max.

  2. scottish girl Says:

    $5 is good, I'm not sure what offers are on at our cinema.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    We have a place here that has $5 Tuesdays too. Another place that has $5 matinees (before 11 a.m.) The last movie I saw was Avengers 2 on a Sunday morning at 10 a.m. Smile

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    I looked it up out of curiosity because otherwise would have no clue what full price movie tickets were... $11 full price at this theater.

    Everything before noon is $6.75 at another theater that's maybe 5 miles away.

    Saving $7 per movie visit is good, for the whole family, and saving a little gas too, but I don't know about going 10 times as often. Big Grin

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Always appreciate it when we get a full tank of gas too!

    Glad you saved money on movie tickets.

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    $11 sounds right for the full price tickets here too. I'd have to *really* want to see a movie to pay full price like that. I miss the dollar theater we had in Dallas - $1.50 every day except Tuesdays ($.50) - they weren't first run movies, but who really cares for that kind of price! Smile If you went on a Tuesday though, you knew to show up *very* early if you didn't want to sit in the front row.

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