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Great Time to Sign Up with Ting! $100 off

May 28th, 2015 at 12:29 pm

Ting is offering a $100 credit for signing up by June 8th. $100 off of a phone or $100 to try Ting, if you use a referral code. Here is my referral link:


They went live with GSM and so most phones can now just be moved over to Ting. (I think Verizon phones are the ones mostly that you can't just bring over?) But of course, you can check the Ting website to check if your existing phone can be moved to Ting.

Dh actually just switched to GSM since he has that capability on his phone. Ting took GSM off Beta testing and sent an e-mail about that a couple of weeks ago (offering a $30 credit to switch, which I think expired yesterday?). This means that while I am still using the Sprint Network, his phone is now on the T-mobile network. This also means that we have a lot more phone choices for the future.

I do have one caveat. My dh was surprised they took GSM out of beta because it was quite tedious to set up. No big deal to him, but you know, he doesn't think most his family or friends would have the patience or confidence to figure it all out. On the flip side, Ting's customer service is A+ so it's probably no big deal. (If you get stuck, surely they can get you through it). But you know, just fair warning. IF it sounds intimidating, don't do the GSM thing. Dh is the only one that switched to GSM in our 4-person Ting service. I also presume if you buy a GSM phone directly from Ting that it's already set up.

2 Responses to “Great Time to Sign Up with Ting! $100 off”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I saw the email about this today. I wish I knew anyone who might be interested/willing to switch - my credit was used up in May, so I'm going to actually have to start paying again. Smile

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Bummer to have to start paying!

    We are switching the in-laws this week so will at least get 1 month free. I have a few friends who I can probably talk into switching now that it's GSM.

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