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Spending & Organizing

May 14th, 2015 at 12:51 pm


I have been really focused on house organization this month. Lots more to blog about that later.


What a crazy spendy month! Mostly a lot of little things.

I took Monday off and had a nice mix of lazing around, organizing/purging, shopping, etc. Dh and I had a nice lunch out. (I'd like to say we did a spectacular hike or something like that, but I didn't plan ahead. I think it worked out).

We bought tickets to a couple of events that came up this month. I guess it doesn't matter that we missed the Robo Games because now ABC is filming "Robot Wars" in our area. At $10 a ticket (half what we usually pay) we get a redo! I am SO EXCITED!! (Otherwise dh and BM were in Japan for the Robo Games, LM didn't want to go, and unforeseen events and exhaustion kept me from dropping by for a bit). It will be different because it will be a network taping.

Other spending:

Vet visit this week.

Dh's $2,000-ish MRI (will get the bill soon, I am sure). I had really hoped that expense would go away or diminish but they want to keep checking him annually, indefinitely. It's a small price to pay to keep him alive and all. I just haven't given a lot of thought how to budget that for the long run and I guess maybe I should. (I've known for a year that this is "permanent", but just haven't dealt with that yet).

Dh bought a $90 pair of shoes after belaboring the decision for months. He was driving me nuts! Hopefully he likes them.

We needed to order new printer ink: $50.

I am sure I am forgetting many purchases - it's just been one of those months.

1 Responses to “Spending & Organizing”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    It's turning out to be a spendy month for me as well - including a $60 prescription (after insurance!) that I will be picking up tomorrow which will hopefully help my allergies once and for all ... we'll see ...

    Hope the rest of the month is less spendy for you!

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