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Birthday Doings

January 19th, 2015 at 07:09 am

Dh turned 39!

I had been thinking of getting him a kindle (Voyage?) but then we got a laptop instead and he didn't seem overly enthused.

He is big on the kids getting us gifts for holidays and birthdays because it teaches them to manage money. Which I admit is probably extra important since they seem to have very little opportunity to save up and buy for things - too spoiled by grandparents and circumstance.

That said, LM has -0- in his piggy bank and I welcomed the opportunity to do a less materialistic birthday. (I am fine with his -0- balance. Best to learn these lessons when you are 10 versus 20. & maybe is a nice lesson about money not being everything when it comes to showing love and appreciation).

BUT. Then I thought of the perfect gift and picked it up. I didn't realize dh had put it on his wish list and his MOM bought it for him. UGH! (Mental note - always check the wish list to be sure? I was at first very annoyed at myself for why didn't I coordinate with her, but then I remembered that I thought I Was being much more impromptu. Big Grin At least she gave it to him a week or two early and so we realized a while ago).

Anyway, I was going to cover the kids on that one. Which worked out I guess that I didn't have them pay for it, because now it's in the gift pile for someone else. It leaves me scrambling because that was all I had as far as gifts.

My family always celebrated with FOOD but dh is just not that into it. I did whip up some fudge for him and he did appreciate it. He refused to let me make him dinner or to do anything special meal-wise. But we will go out on a lunch date this week and we also have a dinner event this week. So two dates in one week is not bad.

I asked him again how he felt about the Kindle and the look on his face was he would LOVE it though his words said otherwise. (You know, if money was no object, he'd buy it. & I mean like only if he had a zillion dollars would he buy it). I told him I wasn't planning to buy it this week or anything, BUT we should reconsider in April. I think we had probably decided "no" before his parents gave us a big Christmas check. But, we had also felt like we had been spending a lot of money and we could cool it for a while. (He feels he should wait until the next generation probably - would make more sense. But I don't think it's the worst thing to have an extra hand-me-down for the kids, if he wants to upgrade again in the near future).

Which reminds me why we weren't really going to buy him anything for his birthday in the first place. He got his $3,000 toy a couple of months ago and he is LOVING it.

& so I am thinking ahead to 40. We aren't really big on birthdays and don't make big deals of them. But I was recalling that I surprised dh with a trip to Vegas for his 30th! In the grand scheme of things, don't know if that was the most exciting gift to him. But at the time he was staying home with a newborn and a 2yo. I came home from work and told him to pack his bags because we were leaving for the weekend. Getting away was the best gift I could have dreamed up for him. (I had seen an incredible deal on airfare, which has spurred most my vacations in my younger and lower income years).

So, how do I top that? I don't know. It might be fun to do a party, but the logistics of planning one this time of year is probably pretty horrible. Maybe we should split the difference and do a joint 40th birthday party in the summer. (I turn 40 in December of the same year, so that would be meeting in the middle). I would so much more enjoy a party in the summer. Not in the middle on Holiday and work crazy! I have a whole year or more to ponder that.

Reminds me, dh's Grandma turns 90 next month!

7 Responses to “Birthday Doings”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Birthdays can be hard to figure out sometimes. I think the joint 40th birthday party sounds like a good idea though.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    You don't have to "top" birthdays. The 40th can be lesser in terms of splash and money, and still be just the right gift. (If you figure out what that is!) Smile

  3. monkeymama Says:

    I don't want to top the 30th. I just want to think about more than the "not much" that we default to. I am definitely not thinking about spending any money of any note.

  4. monkeymama Says:

    Sorry, limited to phone typing today. To clarify, if we did a party I am thinking simple BBQ at our home. Trying to think more creative than spendy. We already have enough vacations and big purchases planned. But I know I didn't say that specifically in my post. Would love to hear what others do for milestone birthdays.

  5. tabs Says:

    Happy birthday to your DH!

    You know, I have to admit I have a bit of gadget hots for the Kindle Paperwhite. Great low power screen that lasts for months, free unlimited 3G download, and of course, the amazing LED back lighting.

    Simply superb for those who likes to read via e-readers.

  6. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Today is my husband's b-day #62, which we think is significant. We went to his favorite import grocery and bought 3 different beers, a huge jar of honey from Germany, a wedge of herbed French cheese, and a halal sausage flavored with cumin. Just a bunch of unrelated but fun, consumable treats. I also could not resist buying him a box of Dutch licorice buttons which go by the name, "Oldtimers".

  7. Looking Forward Says:

    Happy Birthday to MonkeyDaddy!

    My DH turns 40 this October... have been thinking of a weekend trip to Vegas (or other nearby destination) and inviting several friends to join.

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