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Ting Update

November 29th, 2014 at 08:25 am

I got a $50 Ting credit for a referral. Woohoo!

The timing is good because my dad had some setting switch (mysteriously) on his phone and he racked up some crazy data this week. It would have cost us an extra $10, but now we have a $50 credit to offset that!

My mom used to reimburse me $180 every 2 months for Sprint and so I told her to just pay me once every 6 months on Ting. They gave me a check in August (since the first several months were free) and I will ask for one this month since I don't think the Ting credit will be applied until our next bill. Then they will be paid up for the year and I can clear some of the "negative" in my checkbook for them owing me.

Anyway, this week is our Tingaversary and this is how our bills shook out. (This is just our half of the bills).

Dec $0
Jan $0
Feb $0
March $0
April $6
May $30
June $30
July $34
Aug $35
Sep $33
Oct $30
Nov $35

Total = $233 for 2 phones, 12 months of service

That's $19/month average for two phones.

{The first several months were free due to black friday deals, referral credits, and early termination fee (ETF) reimbursements from Ting. It made more sense financially to ditch Sprint early and to reduce our phone bill down to $0 (or even down to $30) for several months. Ting reimburses some of the ETFs}.

I expect that we can do same for next year. We already started out next month with a $50 credit. I am also getting wifi at work, which will significantly reduce our data usage. BM seems more than happy with wifi-only phone and so I don't see adding him to Ting for quite a while. I am continuing to budget $35/month for Ting, but I know we will pay less than that.

Of course through this weekend you can get $100 off a new device or $100 in Ting credit if you buy used or bring a Sprint device to Ting! If you use my referral link:


2 Responses to “Ting Update”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I used my phone today on my walk with RunKeeper. It used 4 MBs of data for a 35ish minute walk ( I walked a total of an hour, but turned it off after the 30 minute walk - all I needed for GymPact.) So ... if I do that 8 times a month (GPS walks on weekend days only) that is 32 MBs/mo. If I can curb my habitual need to check FB and my email whenever I'm standing around in line somewhere ... maybe I can keep within the first bucket of data use.

    I'm halfway tempted to use it normally this month and just see how bad it could be - though I know I'll have some extra phone minutes on my upcoming birthday .. though maybe I can get both of them (mom/brother) to face time me so it'll be free.

    Happy early birthday Smile

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Thanks FT! Here is to really low cell phone bills, for you!

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