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Shows and Shoes

November 12th, 2014 at 06:17 am

My 50,000 points hit on the SW Chase card. Woohoo!

We will pick up a PS4 and an extra controller - I think that will use up the entire $500 gift card (with taxes), unless we can work out a Black Friday deal. Dh briefly entertained the idea of getting a Best Buy gift card and hoping to get it cheaper. I asked if he was insane. He thought better of it. (You know, one of those things people will be trampling each other over and will only have limited quality).

Let's just be happy with "FREE!"

But he may hold off the purchase until after cyber Monday - keeping an eye on amazon deals. I will just get amazon gift cards because is the only PS4 Black Friday type deal I think we will possibly partake in.



**I had bought some athletic shoes a while ago and though I certainly tried them on and was happy with them initially, I think they are too tight and uncomfortable now that I am really wearing them. (Which is the story of my life).

Anyway, I happened to see some double wide mens shoes at Kohls.com. I was not shoe shopping or anything, but I liked the look and I figured I would give it a try.

The funny thing? I have been walking in my Ugg-type boots I bought when I Was left shoeless in Ohio. They are *so* comfortable, and so those are my walking shoes at the moment. (Says the woman who would never walk more than a quarter mile or so in nothing less than a top quality athletic shoe).

But anyway, I bought the men's shoes and thought it would be a shame that I would be athletic shoe-less for a while longer. But these were way cheaper than zappos (with all the kohls coupons). & so I bit the bullet and figured I have my comfy boots in the meantime. (I am not going to aerobics or the gym in my boots, but at least I can do some walking in comfort).

So, a package arrived yesterday. & it was my shoes!! They shipped On Trac (which is always lightning fast). They never sent me any indication that it was coming overnight - which might have been nice to know. But anyway, I wonder if they did that to compete with Zappos. Which again, is useless if they don't tell you what they are doing. Whenever Zappos sends me shoes overnight they make sure to brag about how awesome they are and how nice they are being. Big Grin

Anyway, Men's double wide did the trick. They fit so nice! I haven't worn them outside yet, so will see what I find wrong with them when I wear them on my first long walk. But for now I am pleased. (They are black - I wonder if anyone would notice if I wore them to the office today? LOL. Tempted).



**This weekend we have two shows, that we paid for a while ago. Dh and I may do dinner out while in San Francisco.

**Robot Wars, which is our most favorite thing ever, is coming back! We contributed $100 to a kickstarter they had, which would get us 4 tickets. (We usually pay $100 for 5 tickets, so will consider the $20 an extra donation. We get some swag too, I guess).

I am so excited about that! But it won't be until Spring.

**Dh wants to go to some concert in December and is probably going to go with my dad. He said me might just buy my dad's ticket as a Christmas gift. Sounds good to me, because I had not planned to buy him anything.

That reminds me, we went to Target this weekend (to get LM some pants) and he picked out a gift for Grandma. Just something we couldn't resist when we saw it, $10. So, I guess I have officially crossed off everyone off my Christmas list. (The list is very small, and I Wasn't even sure I'd get my parents anything). Just waiting for a few more packages.

2 Responses to “Shows and Shoes”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Your black athletic shoes remind me of my late father in law. He had arthritis so wore a suit and tie with black athletic shoes to his office everyday. It didn't look great, but he was comfortable. He was an accountant, too!

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I should try that - check out men's double wide and see if they'd work for my feet better than most of what I find. Great idea!

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