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September 10th, 2014 at 01:00 pm


In a couple of weeks we celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary; 19 years together.

I saw the *perfect* gift yesterday ($37) and could not resist. Rare and priceless! (I can't share more because I want dh to be surprised, but it's more of an inside thing anyway).

I just happened to see a bunch of things listed on ebay (by one seller) and it took me a while to remember my ebay login - have not used in a few years. Glad I figured it out!

I've probably seen something similar on sale before, but have not been particularly motivated to pay a bunch of money just for the nostalgia factor. BUT, two weeks before my anniversary, I was sold.

I mentioned to dh that I found the *perfect* gift and had to get it, yesterday. He said he had a similar experience and had already gotten me a gift. We mostly never get each other gifts for occasions, so it's funny how it worked out like that!


Dinner last night was hamburger pasta (basically homemade and "10 times better" version of hamburger helper).

I thought I'd finish my library ebook last night but still have 20-ish more pages.

Dh did some Amazon spending:

$10 CD
$10 gift (upcoming child's birthday party)
$20 splurge (something he has wanted for a long time and he bought to get the free shipping).

{With my $37 purchase, it was a big spend day}.

All of the above went on our 2% cash back credit card.

I confirmed that my $30 bonus made it to my checking account. This means my checking account is reconciled, as of last night (just an automatic thing in Quicken). Get paid Tuesday and don't plan to make any payments until then. $130 in the checkbook, but don't plan to use it.



Nothing planned for today.

3 Responses to “Anniversary”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Happy early anniversary Smile

  2. scfr Says:

    Happy early anniversary! We don't buy gifts for each other either but are planning to do some sort of big trip for our 25th which is just a few years away.

  3. alice4now Says:

    Have a wonderful anniversary!

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