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Fiscal Minutiae

September 9th, 2014 at 12:56 pm

I haven't been updating as much lately. I figured maybe I'd take a "fiscal minutiae" approach for a while.


I know it's been asked here and there how married couples manage their finances. It's always been kind of a *shrug* to us because we are so much on the same financial page. Nothing small particularly needs to be discussed. Big things are always discussed.

I suppose this is one reason I do prefer using credit cards. Then it just doesn't matter if we forget to tell each other something. Which makes life very very easy. If anything, I feel bad that I have to nitpick my spouse so much about the credit card charges. Because #1 - I want to make sure unusual charges are not fraud.** & #2 - I need to know how to categorize in Quicken. So I do ask him a lot about every purchase. But overall, in the days of instant information, I always know every purchase that has been made. Which probably makes us pretty lazy on the communication side. Really no need to discuss it much.

**An example for #1. I woke up and saw a pending $20 charge for the other morning. When dh woke up I said, "Did you buy something at Walmart???" He confirmed that he did and filled me in. I admit more communication would eliminate the sinking feeling that my credit card has been used fraudulently. (IT was just a very unusual charge). BUT, you have to balance that with not feeling like you are reporting to your mother with every purchase, know what I mean?

So, I don't know that dh told me specifically about any spending yesterday. But I see that he filled up his car with gas ($35) and spent $2 at the grocery sore (I'm assuming for bread).

He spent $5 on Amazon for some music, which he mentioned. I thought he was going to buy some CDs, but I guess he just went with the digital music. It was some music he borrowed from the library first and was telling me what a great album it was.

Yesterday was a NSD for me (as most days are). Not a slight on dh - he does most of the shopping and errands. I often just have him fill up the gas in the cars, etc.

I had pumpkin chorizo pasta for lunch and will probably eat it ALL week. Dh thinks it made him sick (Doubtful; he NEVER gets sick and I think it was a flu bug). The kids didn't like it (unusual for them). & so I have enough to last me this week and more. (I'll see what I can get through). I usually don't eat the same leftovers *all week*. & I don't remember the last time dh AND the kids wouldn't eat something. Yeesh!

Dinner last night: baked chicken, rice and brussels sprouts.


Nothing on the horizon for today. Pumpkin chorizo pasta for lunch. I may go visit my friend's shop this week and catch up with her. It will give me a break and it's a food shop. IT's a good week to mix it up a bit.

I just received our internet/landline bill and so put it on the 2%-cash-back credit card. $65. (This is one of our splurges - fiber optic from a smaller local company. Until we can get google fiber anyway. Big Grin Like many of these things, don't plan to spend this much forever, but biding our time until we have more options).

P.S. I don't auto-pay *anything*. (Though a handful of really small bills that I have to autopay?). I have been told this is because I am an accountant. That is how accountants are, I guess.

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Our internet bill is $70...also fiber optic, we can watch videos on all of our devices while watching a movie download. We probably have too much speed here!!

    I noticed with using credit cards I don't have to be a nit picky with my spouse either. I think however, his spending has increased as a result. Ugh.

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