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Pumpkin-Chorizo Pasta and Fruit/Veggie Pizzas

September 7th, 2014 at 03:20 pm

Tried a new recipe that was a hit with the adults. I don't recall the kids caring for it much, which is kind of surprising.

Pumpkin-Chorizo Bow Tie Pasta


(If the link doesn't work, just google it. It's free to join the Taste of Home website and to see recipes, BUT I generally don't share recipes that need a login. It seems to be finicky right now and depends on the browser I guess. It seems to work in Chrome if you open in an incognito window and earlier it worked in plain old firefox).


Went to a party yesterday and had some interesting pizzas.

The kids made "watermelon pizza". The white stuff is coconut. Berries and grapes make a nice topping.

A vegetarian relative also brought some veggie pizzas for her kids. They were surprisingly delicious. Instead of cheese, they grated carrots onto one pizza and added little bits of brocolli. I didn't expect much, but was pleasantly surprised by how tasty it was.

1 Responses to “Pumpkin-Chorizo Pasta and Fruit/Veggie Pizzas”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I like it when a vegan dish is surprisingly good. The pasta sounds very yummy! Thanks for sharing.

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