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Dungeons and Dragons and Singing and movies, etc.

September 4th, 2014 at 07:42 pm

Things are strangely quiet on the financial front. Heck, things are uncharacteristically quiet all around. I am enjoying the peace and calm.

**General Frugal Doings**

Dh has been wanting to get some D&D going, but strangely enough he has never played. (Seems like most of our male friends are fairly into it). But my younger child is way into it. Dh is starting to feel comfortable enough to be DM and get a game started for the kids and some of their friends. So maybe sometime in the fall. In the meantime, he has found a couple of groups that don't mind an 8yo or 9yo tagging along. So, that has been a lot of free entertainment. I guess they have been meeting about once a month.

Dh also joined a meetup and has gone to several game nights. I guess those are also once a month.

BM's bff is going to a different school this year and so we had invited them over to our house for dinner and a game night last month. I personally kind of want to start just a once a month thing, but it just seems like such a big commitment. We talked about this very seriously with our neighbors but then all hell broke loose in our personal life. & so, I don't know. Maybe it's better to keep it loose, but we should be more proactive on invites when things are calm. Like right now!

This weekend and last weekend was family get-together stuff. Relatives in town and a good excuse to get all the kids together.

Oh, and one other thing. We did some sound recordings this past weekend. My dad has a band that he has had since college. One member has passed on, (well, maybe two have), and the rest of the band is still together. I suppose now that they are all retired they are doing a lot more music. The band has always recorded throughout the years and borrowed kids and in-laws and whoever to fill in the blanks. I have done lots of singing, but am not into solo-ing and no one was going to ask me as long as my sister is around (she is an exceptional singer). But my dad had a song that was kind of perfect for me, and my sister is on the other side of the U.S., and so lucky me! It was fun and we got that all recorded and finished this past week. If LM would take it seriously at all he would have totally replaced me (he has a lot of talent). But maybe in a few years he will be the "strong male singer" my dad has always wished for.

All this to say, we have no problem finding free and inexpensive entertainment.


Other doings:

**Dh has been really in the groove with his movie stuff lately. He is gearing up to produce a movie and has generated some interest on his script.

He got someone in the industry to read his script (his first script/his "baby") and they LOVED it. Not holding my breath much on that, but it's an exciting lead. (It's also really creative how he got his script to this person. He has tremendous business sense, and maybe that is just the edge he needs. It's definitely been pretty noticeable that a lot of his film making friends lack even the most basic business sense). So yeah, that is kind of exciting.


Financial Stuff:

**Dh asked me if Target card had closed for the month yesterday and I said, "Sure". I looked it up and it always closes on the third. I suppose that was meant to be "it always closes on the third after they count all your shopping on the third". I've paid all the bills for the month so now I have to go back and pay another $70 or $80. (I had already sent off the payment for the Target balance for the month). Dh did a big grocery run there, yesterday. (Some months we don't even spend that much, so it figures).

Oh well - this will be easy to remember - it cycles with our 2% cash back card. I just don't know that we have ever made any purchases on the third before. Or if it was unusual that those charges snuck through.

When I get home I will make sure I have the cash in the checking account for that - I believe I do. I will finish paying off the balance this week so I can move on.

**I suppose I have one other bill to pay this month. Waiting for my Citi bill and will pay that off next payday.

Then I will get my $200 bonus!

I have decided to put that bonus to the mortgage. That is veering from "the plan" but I can't resist the exact round number that $200 will get us to this month. I think it will even out as I was planning to throw a little something to the mortgage in December. This is probably less than I would have put to the mortgage in December and is likely to keep me happy well into 2015. So maybe it works well with "the plan".

2 Responses to “Dungeons and Dragons and Singing and movies, etc.”

  1. Bluebird Says:

    I agree, quiet is very good, financial and otherwise!

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That is exciting that your DHs script is getting looked at by people in the business!

    No way that we could hear a snippet of the song, is there? Smile

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