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Back to School & Car Shopping

August 7th, 2014 at 06:32 am

Another summer break has flown by. Kids go back to school next week.

I decided to jump on that Citi offer when creditcardfree jogged my memory that I can redeem the $200 in cash form. Woohoo! I also received an auto insurance bill and was thinking about back-to-school spending, so it seemed like a good time to do a cc bonus (lots of expenses).

School spending:

--Bought a larger and sturdier backpack for 4th grader. 4th grade is really intense at their school.

--Middle schooler doesn't need anything? I have gotten on a wonderful schedule of offseason clearance purchases. He already has an entire wardrobe in the next size up.

--Will prepay school lunches for 6 months. I fund every August and January.

--School requests $25 per pupil, for supplies. Which is one reason I have nothing else to buy.

--Field trip fees. BM's class seems to be fiscally ambitious, overall, so I am relieved they are requesting a mere $60 for this year. But just wait, someone will think that a $600 field trip is a great idea. *sigh* I ned to cough up $200 for the 4th grader. I will just pay it this month and be done with it.

We of course save for all of the above monthly - will just pull from savings.


I've noticed the AC was weak in my vehicle but I thought it was just in my head. I learned on a 106F degree day last week that it was NOT at all in my head. UGH!

Anyway, took the car in today. It's very cool today, but kind of muggy. Just really WEIRD weather. I flipped on the AC and it couldn't have felt more cold and refreshing. Rolleyes So, will see. I told the mechanic it's working great now but does not seem to perform in 100F degree weather. I am hoping it just needs a simple recharge. IS probably most likely.

I did look up maintenance records and we replaced 4 tires last year and had some brake work done in 2011. So, if the vehicle needs a big repair, it is long past due. We endlessly save up for car repairs - one of those things that have never been a big deal to us. (Also helps to have a trusted mechanic that keeps repair costs well below average).

EDITED TO ADD: $200 today to recharge the AC and insert dye to find if there is a leak. As of now, no leaks found. I am thinking it is probably a very slow leak that is not worth fixing. But we will follow up on that in a few weeks.


Car Shopping? NOT ME. Big Grin

IT's my mom. She finally found a vehicle. She bought a barely used luxury vehicle about 17 years ago, for $20k. It still gets a LOT of attention - it's kind of flashy. It is still often assumed to be fairly new. My parents wanted to replace it a couple of years ago but she just did not like anything else, in comparison.

Fast forward 2 years and they are doing exceptionally well financially, so she is trying to talk herself into a car upgrade. She called me last week bemoaning some awful experiences at the dealerships and how crappy all the newer cars are. I know she was really trying to talk herself into a brand new luxury vehicle, but was feeling very overwhelmed by all the gadgets on the new higher end vehicles.

Anyway, they ended up finding a stripped down 2013 luxury model which is perfect for them. Will only pay $20k-ish after trade-in. I told my dh after talking to my mom earlier in the week that they were so NOT buying a NEW car. I am glad they found something.

I share, because I am feeling so blessed with my own experience and point of view. I can't imagine how different our lives would be if we were afraid of buying used cars. A lot of unnecessary financial stress. I just cringe every time I hear a "I can't survive without a $35,000 vehicle!" comment. Which seems to be like every single person we know. I love to help and educate people, but preconceived notions are mostly impossible to overcome. All I can do is be thankful that we aren't stressing over GIANT car purchases in our own household. & that I am blessed to know that I can buy a VERY NICE vehicle for a bargain.

3 Responses to “Back to School & Car Shopping”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Still waiting for the Citi card...looking forward to redeeming for a check made payable to the mortgage company! Glad it wasn't YOU that needed the 'new' car. I would have been surprised.

  2. debtfreeme Says:

    Like you I save monthly for car repairs and put my mileage/parking reimbursements toward maintenance, too. I am shocked when my colleague spend it like free money and then call in with maintenance issues and can't afford them. Poor planners!

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That's great that your mom found such a nice car to replace hers!

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