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Depositing Checks to Wrong Account

July 19th, 2014 at 01:57 pm

I seem to be on a roll this year for doing really dumb things.

So LM was quibbling with me the other day and I was trying to deposit their birthday money into their accounts and so on. I had a $20 birthday check for LM. He deposited $7 from his piggy bank and BM had $10 from his piggy bank.

Oh yeah, so I found out the "catch" on their 7% accounts. I could not believe they let us open those accounts for the kids without us having to be CU members. BUT, the catch is we can't take money out without going in person. UGH! BM hit the $500 max (for 7% interest) so I told him we could go withdraw interest once or twice a year. I was going to just transfer it out every quarter until I went in and they said I could not do that.

On the deposit side it is okay because they can do phone deposits. Go figure. So I just write them checks to deposit. Usually the kids give us cash from their piggy bank, we put the cash in the allowance money pile (to give back to them later), and I deposit a check into their account. Since they won't let me transfer money into their accounts, from external accounts. It works...

So let's start over. LM had $27 to deposit and BM had $10. I was quibbling with LM and I proceeded to put all of his money into BM's account. TWO CHECKS! From two different people. I told dh that I doubt the CU would even notice. But was hoping I would not create returned check fees and problems.

It's been a week and it looks like they all went through without a problem. Phew! I guess I have to straighten it out on our end, now. Dh is going to deposit BM's $20 check at our CU. We can transfer from that account. Will then put it in our account and write a check to his brother for his CU account. That will straighten out the $20 I put in the wrong account. Then I owe BM $10 and LM owes us $10. I will have to think through that part later. Big Grin

Okay, so through my work experience, I'd say banks frequently don't look too closely at checks. If they are signed, who they are made out too, the date, whatever. They don't seem to look at any of this stuff! So I am not surprised at all if it all goes through.

BUT... I seem to have been spending a ridiculous amount of time this year straightening out the stupidest little things. So, crossing my fingers that the CUs really are paying that little attention. Could I be so lucky this time?


Reminds me, I seem to have failed at getting the $200 bonus from Chase since we don't have a true direct deposit. After reading that it doesn't matter. *sigh*

I will do a little more research on that before I give up and close the account. Looks like I should just try from another bank account. I have a couple of CU accounts and I do see reports that some random CU ACH transfers do seem to work. So I will keep trying.

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  1. dmontngrey Says:

    I remember several years ago the president of our company handed out bonus checks to managers - and he forgot to sign them! Some were deposited with no signature, one manager forged the owner's name, and one signed his OWN name. They all cleared!! Talk about banks not watching...

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