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Birthday & Fiscal Doings

July 4th, 2014 at 04:20 pm

We decided to do an impromptu birthday party for LM tonight. Sleepover, one guest. His wants are simple. He requested an indoor sleepover and Round Table Pizza. & a homemade cake. I think we can oblige.

Oh, and frozen waffles for breakfast.

BM will probably have a backyard campout with his best friend, when we return from vacation.

We were going to worry about them both after vacation, but we thought to ask if LM's friend would be free tonight, with the holiday. I think the kids are excited to space out their parties a bit more.

I am also noticing that the kids' favorite play place tend to be open on Holidays. (Is otherwise closed for parties on the weekends. So we just hit it when we can on weekdays). BUT, it looks like it will be open all weekend. I last took them on Mother's Day. There was no one there and I read a book. It was DIVINE!! I hope it is half as quiet there this weekend. Big Grin


Kids also got free cupcakes from our local grocery store. For their birthday month.


Fiscally, I just paid all the bills for the month so I won't have to worry about getting my next paycheck late (after vacation). I am good until August. Mostly this means paying off all the credit cards for last month. They all have credit balances at the moment. (Since I round up to nearest $1 or $5 when I pay, I have some reward credits already applied from last month, prepaid $200 snowflake for kitty hotel, and haven't charged a penny this month yet).


The above reminds me that the in-laws are coming up on Monday, to celebrate LM's birthday. They charged up $3,000 of our medical bills for travel rewards. I will repay them Monday while they are here.

I expect they will bring birthday money for the kids. They have consistently gifted $1k per year, per child, since birth. For college. (Though I think that is pretty flexible. Dh didn't need his college money and instead used for a down payment on our first home. I wouldn't be surprised if it is the same for our kids, and I know the in-laws would be cool with that).

Between the low cost of education in our state, and the in-laws providing enough gifts to fund 4 years of college, college savings probably couldn't be any lower on our priority list. BUT, this year we are starting to match the in-laws' contributions. I received a $150/month raise this year and so that is where the raise is going. That said, this match is not being solely earmarked for college. (Is probably more earmarked for retirement). But it will be there if we feel we need it for college.


June/July Fiscal Minutiae:

--Received $22 bank interest & $11 taxable dividends (dividends are from that new "college" fund I mentioned)

--Transferred $190 to "college savings/misc" account: $150 monthly contribution + $25 credit card reward + $15 monthly internet promo savings

--I did not have my usual $50 ROTH reward this month. Because I let MIL charge up $3,000 of our medical bills. That cost me $60 in ROTH rewards. (But they are very generous so I do not mind. Like I said, I think they are bringing me a $2,000 check for kids' college).

--I updated side bar for IRA and other savings. (Saving $1300/month for the rest of the year, to max out IRAs).

3 Responses to “Birthday & Fiscal Doings”

  1. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Good work. I'm firmly in what we can give we will for college. We are doing our best and saving $2k/year for each child, but right now our priority is ourselves. In another 15 years or so, depending on where are at in our lives college might be gifted or cash flowed. But I am not going to make promises or worry more. They have something. We are not going to be eating cat food. And they may have more.

  2. Marie @ The Money Template Says:

    Oh, I hope you will have a great weekend! Tomorrow would be my nephew's birthday, we will just keep it simple, I already ordered a cake and would grill barbeque and buy pizza and ice cream!

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Sounds like good plans for the monkey's birthdays. Smile

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