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Fiscal Doings

June 29th, 2014 at 02:34 pm

**We got our $500 gift cards ordered (SW Chase reward).

Dh is still set on a $300 game system. The sales keep changing quickly so he decided to get Best Buy gift cards. He can do price matching there. (Otherwise, who knows where to best get gift cards - we won't receive them for another week).

Oh, and our printer broke and so we picked up $100 Amazon gift cards to replace our printer. It was really old, probably unfixable, and so I look forward to upgrading significantly.

Because of the printer situation we decided not to buy a second tent. We will let the kids use our nice tent in the backyard. We don't use it that much, so might as well. Too many other financial pressures at the moment.

Dh got $50 Amazon gift cards to spend on whatever; I got a $50 Kohls card. I don't have anything in mind but will just keep for future clothing needs.


Vacation plans are firming up. Since we traveling during BM's birthday, he chose Six Flags for the day of his birthday.

In-laws seem uninterested in tagging along, surprisingly. They still have cards to charge up and so on. But, so do I. So I will go ahead and pre-buy those tickets. I *just* got my Chase Freedom card (took forever!). & so will charge up some auto insurance and Six Flags admissions. I will top that one off today. (Spend $500/get $225).

Six Flags will be around $200 for admission and parking, so I will just let the reward pay for that.

If I can remember and keep it all straight, we will use the Chase Freedom for gas on our trip. They have 5% cash back on gas, next quarter. Overall we already have a 4-card sytstem and I much prefer "ongoing rewards" than this rotating categories business. But, we are going on long drive and I have the card so might as well use it. For this one trip.


Dh didn't get his Chase checking bonus because I forgot that his "direct deposit" had to be more than $500. I tried again. *Fingers Crossed*


I didn't do that focus group after all. The person who called me was obviously new. She missed a question and so I did not qualify. Bummer!



**Paid dh's $1500 MRI bill.

**Our vacuum cleaner broke and we replaced it. I used some reward to pay for it and charged the purchase towards some other reward.

**I have to nail down dates and buy airfare for planned visit to sister (Kentucky/Ohio) in the fall. I'd probably move on that but trying to coordinate with my parents.

**BM is backpacking with my dad later next month. I suppose I am throwing that on the birthday pile. Dh was telling me something about gear or costs and I told him, "Yeah yeah, I kind of figured money was no object for that". It's a special trip and will do whatever we need to do. Dh already has some backpacking gear, my dad has some extra, and he mentioned we could rent the rest. So, I don't think it will be very much.

**Oh, and I keep forgetting. We need to replace our water heater. I am kind of being cheap and lazy on that. If it isn't broke, why fix it? BUT, it's clearly near the end of its life and when they go it isn't always pretty. So we did want to ideally fix that before we went on any vacations this year. We didn't get around to it but have some time before our other (bigger) trips.

4 Responses to “Fiscal Doings”

  1. Joe Says:

    Hi MM,

    If you have an electric water heater I highly recommend the GeoSpring hybrid hot water heater by GE. I had one installed last year and have saved $20 a month on my electric bill since. They are more expensive ($999 retail) but I got a $350 rebate from my electric company and a $300 tax credit from the Federal government. They install just like a regular water heater.

  2. snafu Says:

    How did you decide your water neater needs to be replaced? Is it based on age? Do you have 'hard' water mineral content? Do you have a water softener machine? Do you do that drain out water procedure annually or bi annually? I was trying to figure out conflicting information and I guess increasing our maintenance fund.

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    I'm glad to read your comment about it taking so long to get the Freedom card. I applied for DH and it still hasn't arrived. I've been a bit nervous it was stolen or lost or something.. I'll give it a bit more time. Smile

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I have a nice printer that I can't get to work, other than the scanning function. I think I've almsot given up on the "fancy" all in one printers. They seem to like to stop working after a few months. I hope you find a good replacement printer.

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