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More Fiscal Doings and Updated Budget

May 25th, 2014 at 03:15 pm

Small Fiscal Updates

--I finally got smoothie maker replaced with a working one - dh returned non-working one for me

--I got 6% CD all set up after endless issues

--I *finally* got my full Kohls refund (from like January???)

--No new jinxes lately?

--Crossing my fingers, but signed up dh for the Southwest Chase card. It's a double dip, but it's been over two years on that one. They are more strict on the double dips. If it goes well I may apply sometime in the future. It seems to be hit and miss from reports of others. Reward is $500 in Amazon gift cards.

--I spent about $60 buying clothing for BM. Uniform pants for winter, uniform shorts, regular shorts, and a jacket, all in the next size up. I thought to shop because I unpacked all the summer/swim wear I had bought in clearance during the winter. I think that was $60 for 9 items of clothing, and the jacket was quite nice. He's fairly set for the next year. LM is rich in hand-me-downs.

--Dh's mom has been mending uniform pants into shorts, for us. Dh thought this up and is genius since the kids prefer shorts most the year anyway. & they are kind of rough on pants.

--I do have to buy a backpack for LM, and am keeping an eye out. I think August will be a better time to find a deal. (He starts 4th grade and his dinky little "since kinder" backpack is not going to cut it. 4th grade is intense at their school - lots of books).

--I was commenting the end of last year that only the electric bill was left as far as room for improvement. & I was kind of stuck on that one.

Well... We do the balanced billing because it's just so much easier. Most our bills are fixed every month and I find that easier to manage. Makes our monthly spending very predictable.

So, our electric budget billing just went from $90 to $65. Woohoo! I keep an eye on the usage and hadn't noticed anything, but after the reduction I went back and looked at past 6 months or so and noticed that we have been consistently using a little bit less electricity. I think the large swing is due to the fact that we have been over-paying for a while. There is a time lag on the billing.

We also tend to be pretty consistent and so we have never had a big adjustment either way (after several years of budget billing). So this was certainly a significant change. Will see where it ends up eventually. As we approach A/C weather, they may decide to "up" that in another 6 months or so. Particularly since this has been a really hot May (maybe a really hot summer?)

I had no idea why our bill would go down, but dh told me he thinks that his new computer is much more energy efficient, and it has a better automatic sleep mode. He has had that for about a year. I'd say most the appliances we have bought lately are supposed to be way more energy efficient, but the computer is the first one that seems to be noticeable as far as to lower electricity bills.

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  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Have you looked at Land's End backpacks? I think they have lifetime guarantees.

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