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March Snowflakes + Ting + Carpool

April 7th, 2014 at 07:55 pm

**Earned $25 credit card reward (will add to next mortgage payment).

**Earned $50 credit card reward - deposited directly into ROTH.

**American Express did mess up my rewards *AGAIN*. As they do each and every month.

BUT, I also had a mystery $25 show up in my account. ??? Never got around to complaining. So it was really and truly a mysterious $25. I just noticed my rewards balance was higher and I could redeem another $25. I even checked my spam folder to make sure I didn't miss any e-mails about a bonus reward.

So, how is that for random?

**Mortgage snowflakes totaled $85 for March:

--$25 credit card reward
--$25 mystery credit card reward
--$20 carpool savings
--$15 Internet savings
--Total $85


I will share my Ting referral code again because I am desperate for one more month free. Big Grin

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We did get our March bill. My dad was traveling a lot (lots of minutes and data) and has nothing but travel plans the rest of the year. But we stayed at $53 for our combined bill. $26.50 for our half. I think that is mostly what it is going to be for the rest of the year.

We will probably owe $25-ish cash for April usage (for entire family). As our credits will be all used up with the next bill. So, if I can get one more referral, it will officially make our service *free* for the first 5 whole months.


Our carpool is defunct because our carpool buddies divorced and returned to work full-time.

I've been eking out the $20 carpool savings anyway, for the mortgage, but I think I will stop adding that $20 this month. I think I just had the wiggle room since we have been paying nothing for cell service. Though of course I will just switch to throwing cell phone savings at the mortgage. As a placeholder for that bill. (The first few months were breaking even with contract termination fees and new phone purchase, but we are past that now).

It's just a couple of more months, and then next year will be a new year to figure out. I am overall pleased with the wear and tear and gas we saved this year already. For the most part we rarely picked up the kids by car the first 75% of the school year. So having to pick them up all the time the last part of the school year, is okay. Not very many weeks left.

3 Responses to “March Snowflakes + Ting + Carpool”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Nice to have mystery money show up once in awhile. Smile

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Coincidentally, I just receive a letter from Amex last night (I guess in response to my query about incorrectly applied charges) apologizing for an error and saying they'd put rewards money into our account. I went in and didn't see any, but maybe they added it before the last time I redeemed? Not sure, but at least they're doing something. I think I'll do a periodic audit of how they're categorizing our charges.

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    I got a referral! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Big Grin

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