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Nexus 5, Ting, Updates

November 10th, 2013 at 11:16 pm

**Dh and I had a nice lunch date last week. It had been a while, for whatever reason. Maybe just busy busy busy dealing with life.

We had a coupon so spent a whopping $11. I had leftovers for dinner the same night.

We had gotten the coupon at the last school fundraiser. We also scored an hour of free bowling and $20 in arcade credits (at bowling alley). That will be something we should go do Thanksgiving week.

**That reminds me, I did get our post Thanksgiving vacation booked.

After one heck of a year and more than one ruined vacation, I am a little wary. BUT, since my birthday fell on that weekend it sealed the deal for just going. We went last year and had the entire hotel mostly to ourselves. IT was DIVINE. I figure this year we will get rained out or a flat tire or something. But, will try!! Trying to be positive.

**So, how about that Nexus 5?

It's a $400-ish non-contract phone that works with most cell carriers.

I don't know if dh would care so much, but his phone broke and he really HATES the one that he is making do with.

So yeah, he is all over it!! Which is making me think this broken phone thing was a blessing in disguise.

Because... He is ready to switch to Ting!

Last we ran the numbers it just wasn't working, but I think it was mostly because he didn't want to. We were probably assuming all new phones, and higher prices of phones. So, this Nexus 5 changes things dramatically. In addition, if we switch now, the rest of us can just keep our current phones (barely 18 months old, so no need or wish to upgrade).

One final point - we weren't quite sure on data usage before we tried out our latest cell phone plan. BUT, since the sprint network sucks so much our data usage has been pretty small. Our current actual usage puts us around $30/month for two phones. (Before taxes and fees). I would expect we will use more data with time, and so did not factor this low usage in our past calculations. (Which is fine - even if we quadruple our data we will still be saving a ton on the monthly bill).

We are on a family plan with my folks and are all on the same page. If we stick with Sprint at all, might as well just go to Ting and pay half as much for the same crappy coverage. Either that, or let's just splurge on Verizon and actually get decent cell service.

But the Nexus 5 does not carry to Verizon. So, that seals the deal. Dh's love for the phone and kicking the big guys (and contract BS) to the curb is trumping all else. Plus, maybe he is a sucker. We are supposed to get 4G any day now. (So they have said for the entire past 18 months). I am just relieved he is willing to wait it out.

I would not be surprised if we eventually end up with Verizon, but am happy to save money in the interim. Environmentally, we are really opposed to upgrading all our phones just to switch carriers again.

Anyway THANK YOU to the SA Ting guniea pigs. I really appreciate it. It's an easier choice having heard so much good things about it.

I will have to do a numbers post later. We are terminating our contract 5 months early, so somewhere around December 1, or maybe a little later - depends when we get dh's new phone. Though since there are no activation fees, I am pushing to just switch December 1. He can sort out the new phone later. Anyway, Ting will pay 25% of our termination fees, so that is cool. We will still come out ahead regardless, terminating early and cutting our monthly bill for those 5 months.

**One final thing. That new phone is not going to cost me a penny. I was waiting for the Chase Sapphire card to bump back up to a $500 reward again (I think it was $500 earlier this year??). But, I give up. The $400 reward came to mind as a great way to pay for this phone. So I already applied, and I have enough insurance bills due to hit the $3,000 spending requirement by 12/31. I hope to get that $430-ish reward check by the end of the year.

5 Responses to “Nexus 5, Ting, Updates”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    P.S. Ting is getting slammed with inquiries re: the new Nexus 5 (read their recent blog posts - my dh is one who called them a couple of times asking if he could buy the phone and then bring it over), and I just saw LF mention an iphone beta testing? I hope they are ready for the increase in subscribers!! If they start supporting both iPhone and also support buying this Nexus directly from google, holy cow are they in for a stampede.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Nice idea to use the credit card reward to earn the money...good luck! With four phones, we think it will be just as cheap to stay with Verizon. No complaints on their service and everyone we know has them.

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    As I've said before service in our area is very good, both phone and 4G.
    Yeah, I wonder too if they are ready for a big rush in customers if they can support all these "fancy" phones. Although, I also wonder how many "regular" (non saver, non techie) people know of Ting?
    If you can, I'd love for you to use my code.. But I bet you knew that! Big Grin

  4. Looking Forward Says:

    PS. Fingers crossed for uneventful travel for you in a few weeks and us next month. Smile

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I hope your vacation plans work out!

    I'm anxiously waiting for the announcement that Ting will take the iPhone - selling both of my iPhones will hopefully cut the cost of a Sprint compatible iPhone to a reasonable amount.

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