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Fiscal Updates

October 17th, 2013 at 01:50 pm

**Got a $20 sprint credit - will add to 11/30 mortgage payment. That's $40 mortgage snowflakes next month with the $20 I have been adding for carpool savings.

Sprint was giving us $40 per month, but dh is fine with $20. Basically, him and I are not paying our "data charges" as long as we can't get much data. The $40 seemed flukey and generous, BUT, it also paid for his phone replacement when it broke, so I guess it works out.

**Dh is going to try to call and haggle down our internet bill. The bill is absurd, but we aren't seriously going to leave and the service is A+. It is cheaper than our cell plan, and it actually works as advertised. Wink (He is probably motivated knowing I will be more open to going back to Verizon if we tame that beast - they refused to give us any more discounts once our last promo ended). We don't have cable with them, but was our last cable company. we negotiate everything no problem, but seem to ever have any luck with the cable companies - we walked away from several who were unwilling to give us extended promotions. Even when we legitimately said "we are leaving" and we left. Don't ask me! All this to say, not expecting much on this front.

**I got a $60 prepaid visa rebate for our recent tire purchase. I had the bright idea to pay it to our health insurance (since it was a larger sum than the usual $15 or $20 rebates). Worked like a charm! Will have to remember that for the future.

**We redeemed our Citi "triple dip" reward. $250 check to our mortgage (which I read most people just deposited to their bank - will try that first - our checking account is with mortgage holder so we still have Plan B if the deposit does not work).

We had 1200 points left and one of the first rewards that popped up was a 8G Flash Drive. Sold!

Once my paycheck hits today, I will pay off that card. When we receive rewards in hand I will cancel that card.

The mortgage payment was an annoying reward to redeem because you have to call in to request it.

**My younger child who was fond of big words is regularly calling me "economic". I will take that as a compliment. Big Grin He means it in a more "frugal" or "money conscious" context. It's cute.

**IT's been crazy and busy and I can't believe Halloween is only a couple of weeks away! It completely slipped my radar. I have not bought the kids costumes in several years. I am a little more open to it this year, especially since getting so last minute, and also because it has been a while. I found angry birds costumes 80% - 90% off. I guess not so popular any more??? You got me! So I am trying to sell them on that. Will see...

4 Responses to “Fiscal Updates”

  1. snafu Says:

    Kudos for keeping your focus on paying down mortgage principal. Paying attention to details, locating and applying for Snowflakes for mortgage principal is so smart. The long term cost avoidance from interest is amazing.

    I'm so frustrated this AM with DB who constantly whines about money problems but can't understand the principal of using debt smartly. 5 years ago I tried to explain he was digging himself bigger and bigger holes due to huge amounts being paid in interest. All I can say now is his debt expands like the national debt.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Lots of snowflakes! Yes, a little inconvenient to call for the mortgage rewards, BUT I think well worth it. I sent our check directly to the mortgage company, but we don't have a bank account with them. It worked just fine.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Check out the link I posted with LOTS of ideas for Halloween costumes - most of them don't need much materials or little to no sewing. Might find something there the boys would like. Smile
    That's too funny about LM calling you economic. Smile I love it when kids use big words like that. Smile

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    The halloween costume link was very cute!

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