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Nice Try AmEx

September 1st, 2013 at 04:02 pm

**I earned $45 this month on our Gas/Groceries card. Higher than usual because we charged about $250 in Amazon cards, at the grocery store (for 6% cash back). I can only redeem in $25 increments, but had $11 already, so can redeem $50 cash to mortgage this month.

I can't say if I have been double checking my rewards calculations every single month. It's kind of complicated because there are three reward tiers. But, I checked the first few months I had the card and I know what the ballpark should generally be.

This month, with the Amazon gift cards, I just wanted to double check that the strategy worked. It did work! But I noticed two errors: They knocked off 11-cents on my grocery rewards - ??? Rounding down 11-cents. Interesting? BUT, what is worse, is they had left off a $20 fuel charge for the 3% reward. I figured maybe dh had filled up at some non-obvious gas station name or something (out of town). But, it was Safeway fuel. Which is clearly either grocery store or fuel. We had last filled up at Safeway in June, and lo and behold, they put it to the right category in June. But left it out for July. I am out 50-cents with both errors. This whole thing is annoying. I have absolutely never had a cash reward calculated incorrectly. Like seriously, this should be computerized.

**In other credit card news, we have opened and closed so many credit cards the past couple of years, I am not going to be double dipping on any more until we get the *best* rewards. If this is my last chance with these cards, or my only chance for another 12 months or so (before I can try a triple dip). So many of these cards had $500 rewards earlier in the year, so I am holding out for those.

Dh did get a $250 reward (spend $1,000 from Citi). I had set it aside in case something better came along before the expiration of the offer. It would be a triple dip on that one. The low spending requirement is the enticing part on that one.

What's interesting is he has gotten several more similar offers in the weeks that followed, but they are all worse. "Spend $2,000 and get $150." "Spend $1,000 and get $100." What on earth are they doing over there??? It's just so random. "Gee, he didn't sign up for that one, so let's see if he will take a worse offer?"

2 Responses to “Nice Try AmEx”

  1. Beawealthywarrior Says:

    I just got approved for AMex card where I spend $500 and get $150 in rewards!

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    Hey, guys...please state the full name of the cc you're talking about so we can all take notes.

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