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Some Purging...

August 29th, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Monday was such a *Monday*. I am not used to having *Mondays*. !! Maybe something in the air, dh had a similar day. (He had to go to the store twice, and then realized he had forgotten something, but that could wait versus trip #3). We are all adjusting to new schedules. I am still very discombobulated.

One thing I forgot Monday was to set out some Goodwill bags for pickup. Just my luck, because another charity came by Wednesday. I somehow remembered. Put out 2.5 bags (some baby stuff, some clothing purge - kids and adults). & this plastic organizer/shelf thing that I was going to sell. They took "furniture" so I just left it out and crossed my fingers. Phew.

We've actually been pretty on top of all things kid and baby (sell to replace - some just out of no other option to afford thing). BUT, what I purged was a giant pile of baby blankets. I honestly don't remember who any of them were made by. (I kept our parents' knitted baby blankets). Had some olde sleeping bags and stuff (on the older kid side of things). I thought the organizer/shelf thing may be useful at some point, but decided it was too small. I have a couple of pictures/wall hangings I can sell on Craigslist.

Onto a new purge - time to fill up some bags. I told my mom last night that I swear we didn't even buy anything any more and I have no idea what it comes from. She did say, "Have you met your mother in law?" Touche. But, it's more than that. I'd just like to know the point where I feel on top of the *stuff.* There has got to be a tipping point. For me it started when I was in that pregnant "nesting" stage and clearing out a bedroom for the younger child. I don't remember what I was doing for older child, but I remember the purging/nesting thing (we had a totally empty room for him). It's been 10 years - we shouldn't own anything any more that we don't use a lot. Wink

{Lord knows we return and re-gift and sell tons of stuff that MIL brings into our house - we don't keep it all. I just sent back a pile of school uniforms because she did not give me a receipt or ask what sizes we needed. Oh, and the shirts were all for girls. LOL. I don't think it was her mistake, but the sizing was all off and I said, "Is it just me but do those sleeves look kind of girly?" The inside had polka dots and their usual size was way too small in the girly/polka dot variety. Since my nieces have no school uniforms, I think Wal Mart or whoever mis-stocked them. Thankfully they did not fit, or else I am not sure we would have noticed. I am sure others would have noticed. Maybe not many, but someone would have!}.


Oh, dh scored a $30 focus group. IS about the cheapest one he's had, but will take it!

Life has been busy with last-minute unexpected guests, and a babysitting request (that I got stuck doing) from carpooler. IT's all fine, but just bad timing. Our driving saving has been substantial this week - so that is the plus.

Our cat has *way* mellowed out. Last night the 6-year-old carpool buddy played rough with him and carried him all around the house. His favorite thing to do was to trap him (in a room or in a box). I was waiting for the cat to scratch his eyes out or run away and hide, but the cat just followed him around everywhere. ?? I mostly kept a close eye on things, but watched with amazement. I've always had such fraidy cats. His wild and fun and curious streaks has no doubt masked his patient streak.

The cat also seems to understand there will always be ample food, so is not being such a pig. I think that is some of his mellowness - that he is more comfortable and less on edge.

1 Responses to “Some Purging...”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Love your term, discombobulated. I'm sure your being so busy has kept you from accomplishing everything you set out to do, but you do a whole lot.

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