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DeClutter Progress + Good Article re: Young Parents

July 13th, 2013 at 12:45 pm

**I've made good progress on the kitchen. It's all cleaned out and decluttered.

I've got some more work on the downstairs, but not a lot. (So much for finishing in June. HA! Was felled by illness, and then by heat. Thankfully it cooled off here after the 4th).

I am not planning to move to the upstairs decluttering until fall, so I am happy with progress. Could maybe stand to go through the entire downstairs a second time, before moving on. There is an element of, "I already got piles of stuff sitting out, and don't know how I will find a home for everything." As is, I already set out a second pile of kitchen stuff. Grabbed some of the vases. IT was easier to do so after the first purge left the house. I need to go back through with a more critical thought process.


**Today I went through the kids' clothes. They are outgrowing the "hand-me-down" stage as they are both practically the same size any more, and no one has given me any hand-me-downs in a while. So, it was a pretty quick task. In fact, usually LM is drowning in hand-me-downs. BUT, his drawers were kind of bare and BM's drawers were spilling over. So we shifted things about - they seem well stocked for clothing. {I've been stocking up on clearance items during the off season. They also don't particularly like pants of long sleeves, so basically all I buy any more is shorts and t-shirts in the winter. The shorts and last a LOT longer than pants, since they grow so much "up" and not "out", so their wardrobe sensibilities are quite frugal}. They might be set until winter.


If you check the blog links in my sidebar, I have "The Happiest Mom" blog linked (recently changed to "The Happiest Home").

Megan Francis wrote the original blog, and is Amazing. LOVE HER. Kind of a voice of sanity in an insane world.

Anyway, she had an interesting article yesterday:

4 reasons young women are scared to have kids (and why we should knock it off.)

Text is http://www.babble.com/babble-voices/at-large-meagan-francis/why-women-wait-too-long-to-have-babies-and-how-we-can-better-support-young-moms/ and Link is

The whole point is not to encourage people to have children on the super young side. BUT, to point out that our culture is putting unnecessary fear and judgment onto younger parents.

& though I love the likes of MyMoneyBlog and Mr. Money Mustache, it was infinitely more important for us to have a family than to be "be financially independent first." I clearly fall into middle ground, but considering the region I grew up, we were always chastised for settling down crazy early. The reasons for the chastising certainly never made any sense to me.

Some excerpts from the article:

Young adults in the prime of their fertility, not to mention energy levels, who want children, are actually afraid to become parents, believing theyíll feel ďreadyĒ down the road sometimeÖat 30, or 35, or maybe 40.

...And Iím tired of seeing youthful adult parenthood conflated with teen parenthood. I also think teen parents can be and are successful all the time, but comparing a girl of 15 to a woman of 23 makes no sense at all unless you seriously underestimate that woman.

From watching TV and movies, youíd think that the 20s are a magical age, full of self-discovery, maturation, and success in relationships and work. And for some, thatís true. But that doesnít mean that parenting canít happen alongside of self-discovery or career success, or that all people are better off having a decade or more of freedom and fun before settling down

there are tradeoffs at both ends of the spectrum. Iíll still be relatively young when my kids leave the house, and Iíll still have plenty of time for fun and freedom Ė with a little more jingle in my pockets than I would have had in my 20s. And while I did miss out on some partying in my youth, I also know that I spent those years well.

Itís perfectly OK to grow your familyís financial stability alongside your kids. It makes you more creative, more resourceful, and can even lead to some great memories. And if thereís anything this recession has taught us, itís that no job, no home equity, no investment, is guaranteed anyway.

I particularly like the 3rd and 5th excerpt that I included. Amen!!

3 Responses to “DeClutter Progress + Good Article re: Young Parents”

  1. Wino Says:

    I went the young-parent route, and now I'm a not-so-old grandparent. Plus, my grandkids still have living and healthy great grandparents. It's even possible we'll have a five-generation picture somewhere in the future. Grandbaby one will be 9 this year, and all four greats from "our" side of the family are still around.

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    P.S. We were engaged at 19, married at 24, first child at 26. I thought I included that above for reference, but I guess not. By the time we had kids everyone had given up on us, but they were all horrified when we got engaged, and still probably pretty horrified when we got married. {Except my parents, because they met at same age (18/19) and married very young. We were thankful for their support}.

    Actually, we have several friends getting married this year and next (late 30s), which is common among our peers given culture and high cost of living. Even in our lower-cost haven most our friends are aged 45-50; the ones with kids the same age as ours. This explains somewhat how though I personally think we found some very good middle ground, establishing our degrees and careers before having children, we have had a lot of chastising for settling down so young. Which I have always found insulting on some level. I understand I didn't want to have a child as a teenager or even at 18, personally. But, I don't understand this "your 20s should be an extension of your teen years; ignore you bioloigical instincts" thing.

  3. Lal Says:

    Wish I had started having kids earlier. I started at 30 and I wish I hadn't waited. Probably 28 would have been ideal. Looking back I might not have been emotionally ready but we would have tried. I married at 26 but we relaxed and had a bit more fun. But now I feel so much pressure about getting pregnant with my third and becoming advanced maternal age. Now also realize that most of the moms I meet who are 40 with first kids will tell you not to judge older mom's. Truth is many women want to start early but some haven't meet someone is usually the big sticking point. Hence they marry within a year and get pregnant on the honeymoon.

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