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Video Games and Ice Cream Cake

June 30th, 2013 at 05:40 pm

Definitely not doing much of anything this week. Too hot to move. I accomplished a LOT of reading yesterday.

It's 1-2 weeks to the kids' birthdays, and I decided we should probably plan something.

I usually don't think much about gifts. The kids get totally spoiled by in-laws, and dh is way more into "gifts" anyway. I was surprised and relieved when he agreed we would get the kids no birthday gifts this year. Phew!! We had bought them sleeping bags very early in the year (wanted them for camp), and dh just handed down his computer to them and bought them a new graphics card. Dh puts more meaning on opening actual gifts on birthdays and holidays. So I was relieved he didn't want to buy more crap just so they would have something physical to open on their birthdays.

BM wants to check out an indoor play place that opened closer to our home. Not as nice as the one they LOVE about 20 miles away, but they have more open play areas and food, so bodes better for an unofficial birthday party. I saw they were advertising cool AC and yadda yadda today, and lord knows the kids could run off some of their pent up energy. So we will go spend a few hours there today. If he likes the place okay, maybe we can do something during the week. Otherwise, it will have to wait for his return from Europe.

I'm fine with dropping in the other place 20 miles away, because the kids love it so much, but they never have any open play hours. Too many birthday parties... I've had miscommunications with them on open hours too, so is really a pain to drive there and find out they are closing in an hour...

So, I hope the closer place appeases him from a "invite a couple of friends and call it a party" standpoint.

LM opted for an at-home video game party. I was able to confirm availability of his best friend, so will plan something for next weekend. We've made ice cream cake in the past, so will look up a simple recipe. It is the only thing that sounds appealing in this heat. It sounds like we can squeeze a simple low-key LM party out of the regular grocery and food budget. BM's might cost a wee bit more if we do the destination thing, but probably the cheapest party year we have had in a long time. Seems to get simpler with age. Less family, less adults tagging along, etc. So, I guess I am feeling relieved how much thought and energy (and $$) I had to put into all this. Phew!

2 Responses to “Video Games and Ice Cream Cake”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Hope the party works out.

  2. scfr Says:

    Both sound like fun parties. Over-the-top birthday parties for little kids drive me batty. I admire people like you and my sister who can throw parties for kids that are both lots of fun and easy on the wallet. For my nephew's last birthday he and some friends went to the Lego store and later ate cupcakes that had "Lego candy" decorations on the top. I used to have great birthday parties as a kid too ... homemade affairs with things like homemade games and build-your-own sundae bars or cupcake decorating contests.

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