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Summer Doings

June 15th, 2013 at 04:16 pm

**School is out - the kids get about 8 weeks of break.

Their report cards were *perfect* and LM wrapped another teacher around his finger. I keep feeling every year we have nowhere to go but down. But for now we still get to ride this wave. I am particularly proud of BM, who after having one teach for *3 years*, changed school campuses (same school/split campus), had a new teacher, and had his class size increased by 50%. Wasn't entirely like going to a new school, but must have felt a lot like it. He did exceptional with all the change.

So the kids asked if they could get some frozen yogurt the last day of school, and we obliged.

The crap they brought home from school this year was insane. I even wonder if the teachers took care of this in the past (or recycled supplies more)? I can't say it would have been my first goal to go through it all BUT we had some friends staying over the following night, so we were already in cleanup mode. So, I am pleased to say we went through everything and it is done.

They brought home about 50 more pencils. O.M.G. Thank goodness I had purged all the "new" and "like new" ones to LM's teacher a few weeks back. Rolleyes

I just need to take the time to freecycle some of this stuff.


Summer plans?

Well, we have the pool, first and foremost (it's a couple of blocks from our house, part of HOA).

I commented on another blog that we usually have a few memberships here and there (museum, parks, etc.). But, I don't believe we have any right now? I suppose overall have just been too busy to enjoy. I tend to let them expire and then renew when we use them (to lessen the cost over time).

BM only has a couple of weeks of downtime. 2 weeks of summer classes and 2 weeks in Europe. One week at camp.

DH realizes he will have a lot of time with LM so was thinking about what he could do with him. He is going to help him design his own board game. (LM is totally game obsessed and always making up games, so dh will help him realize a game in physical form). There are companies that will print customized board games and stuff, but will probably be more of a card and a dice type game. Which will be easier to just make at home. We can maybe order him some special dice.

In addition, dh is implementing a reading reward system. (He loves to read, but given the choice, he'd just play video games and board games all day, so dh is trying to fool him into thinking it is his choice to read. Versus like forcing him to read every day, which would defeat the purpose if he only views it as a chore).


This weekend is kind of an organization weekend, for me. I need to complete the downstairs decluttering/cleaning and we need to discuss updating the kids chores and stuff. I just want to make a list of what needs to get done and see where we are at. I am feeling refreshed and motivated because the house is already clean. Phew!!

I took a half day off work on the kids' last day of school, and it just turned out a friend of ours needed a place to stay the next night. But it's rare to go into the weekend with the house SO clean. So I am more energized to do extra chores. I am hoping this is the last weekend of this. Though I like keeping on top of things, the idea of endlessly de-cluttering makes me want to go live in a tent. Big Grin The more I age the more I feel like this. I still can't get over that we have been in such a purge mode since we had kids, and how we still have so much crap a decade later. *sigh* That said, I think it will be 1,000 times easier once the kids are grown and gone. They are just "stuff" magnets - I don't know what it is.

We were just watching some home videos, and the house looked pretty immaculate when the kids were little. I've always been clear that I am not a neat freak in the slightest. The only thing I could figure was that we didn't have such an avalanche of stuff.

Case in point - the last day of school:

So, I suppose it's a silver lining that it eventually will ease up. That eventually mountains of pencils and paper will stop "falling from the sky."

Anyway, when we finish with the downstairs, I will take a break until Fall. Fall will be the upstairs de-clutter. All I have is our bedroom and closet, and some office space I have at the top of the stairs. Dh already hit his room pretty hard to make room for the music equipment, and while at it we will go through the kids' rooms. We generally keep pretty on top of toys and clothes, BUT BM is a little hoarder. There's probably quite a mess in his room. I don't expect the upstairs to be half as much as the downstairs. But, will see!!


Oh, and I just remembered. LM lost his lunch box. Rolleyes 5 years of school, and I believe this is the first item we lost. (He lost it a couple of times but we found it every other time). IT was bought on clearance for a few dollars, and I have some extras, so we will survive.


Next post: Spending doings and some college updates. If I get to it...

8 Responses to “Summer Doings”

  1. snafu Says:

    We've had two DSs back from university for a brief stay before starting summer employment in the far north. I'm longing for the promise of a 'paperless' society. If so much has been spent on up-to-date electronics why is there so much stuff?

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Those report cards are awesome! Smart, adorable boys you have!

    I agree completely about decluttering as I get older. Stuff is stuff...and stuff weighs us down. I am learning to live with very little stuff, and it is pretty nice, actually.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Yep, that's what the end of school looks like at our house. We didn't hit the backpacks first day, but within five days the paper was all recycled, miscellaneous junk was toss, and what could be used again was put in a bin with the backpacks. I already have the school supply list of the youngest daughter. I should put that in my purse and grab the sale items when I see them. I still have a package of pens I bought three years ago!

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Since LM enjoys creating games, and likes video games, he may be interested in learning the computer program Scratch. (google scratch edu) It's really pretty easy to learn (and there's lots of intro videos around.) He can create his own video games - use math/logic/thinking skills and have lots of fun while at it. Smile

  5. rob62521 Says:

    You all should see the classrooms at the end of school...

  6. MonkeyMama Says:

    Thanks for the tip FT!!

  7. baselle Says:

    I remember the piles of crap each time on my last day of school back in the 60s and 70s. Nothing new. The weird thing though is: why most parents go crazy and buy new everything every August? Smile

  8. MonkeyMama Says:

    @Baselle - I think this is part of the problem. We don't buy anything - the school does. So, I realized this year the school sent home a LOT they could have re-used. This was not necessarily so in past years. So, I am a little dumbfounded by the waste this year. (Plus, all this crap materialized that I never saw before! So, it's not like the kids bringing home things we actually purchased at some point).

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