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Forgot a Snowflake!

June 1st, 2013 at 02:14 pm

I totally forgot in my last snowflake post...

Dh got a $40 credit from Sprint last month. Supposedly they are giving him $40/month for 4 months. Which is unfortunate, because I think this is them unofficially admitting that they expect their network to totally suck for 4 more months. Lip service says we get 4G "tomorrow." (Which is what they have been saying for a solid year).

Anyway, I was assuming we'd split that with my parents, since we split the bill, but dh just pointed out yesterday that's his portion of the bill for crappy service. He's only complained about his phone. He has a point. My dad lives in another city and so is getting 4G already.

So, I will leave that up to my parents, but it sounds like it is probably a $40 snow flake for us. Maybe $160 over 4 months. I will add these $40 snowflakes to the mortgage.

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