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May 17th, 2013 at 02:00 pm

**Payday and I only have one financial transaction to transact: Pay off main credit card (which has always been paid off monthly). That's it until next month...

I will just never get over the irony that if you clean up your financial house you don't have to think about money very much. Too often it is assumed you have to think about it all the time and obsess over it. Kind of like dieting - that's not really the best/healthiest way to do things. Change your habits, build up money for a rainy day, and it should mostly be in the background. I love numbers so obsess over it at times, but other times it's just in the background. Lately I have been in more of a "finances in the background" mood. & this is probably largely a function of things going very well financially.

Credit card bill was $3,000 because it included about $1,000 in car repairs, health insurance is $900, Paid some dues and utilities that were reimbursed, yadda yadda. Wasn't a big deal. Car repairs happen and we have savings for that.

May is half over... Nothing big on the horizon for this month. Will see. The same credit card bill has a $300 balance after payment, $200 of that being a new garbage disposal, but the utilities and health insurance will hit around the end of the month.

Yes, dh ordered the garbage disposal FINALLY. Either we will attempt to install ourselves or ask for help. Not expecting to spend any money on that. (I am quite sure my dh is capable of handling it).

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    How still has to pay attention to the finances even if big stuff is paid off. It is easy to slip back into spending if one doesn't watch.

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