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May 13th, 2013 at 06:03 pm

We don't really have anything big planned the next month or so, which is nice, because there seems to be a lot going on.

The kids went to a neighbor's big pool party the other day, and then BM went to a birthday sleepover. They were both just invited to another big classmate party (one each). Dh had been lazy and just grabbed some Target gift cards. He asked me if he should get more and I said, "You know, that would be $60 in one month." !! So, he will look out for some toys on clearance - something like that.

When it rains it pours. Historically most the kids' friends have summer birthdays, like they do. It can get kind of crazy. It's just the crazy started a little early this year. As for our own kids, I am thinking pretty low key birthdays this year.

Other things coming up...

Dh is going to a concert this weekend (out of town).

Next week is school open house and all this costume stuff.

The week after is our annual pool opening BBQ (woohoo - free food). Then the kids' last day of school (they always have a big BBQ).

So, we don't have much that we initiated or planned, but I think there is *plenty* to do.


I had to share the new compartmental lunch things I got because it makes it so much easier to spice up lunch a bit.

Today's lunch...

The youngest is *loving* these pizza lunches. There is mozzarella cheese under the pepperoni. I experimented with just putting the sauce on the english muffins. I thought it was possible it would get too soggy, but I did toast it first to get it a little more crunchy. Anyway, no complaints from the youngest, so I made it a second time today:

As for BM... They both have appetites, egads, but BM seems to be worse at lunch. I put together some varied nuts, kiwi, and a ham sandwich on garlic sourdough. He then asked for eggs and pickles. I asked him to please eat the nuts last. I have no doubt he could eat it all, but they don't get a lot of time to eat. So, will be interesting to see what he had time to get through. We tend to make him double decker sandwiches to satisfy his appetite. Protein is a must.

These are also the water bottles I bought. The kids seem to really like them. So, just crossing my fingers that they hold up a while. They are rubbermaid and are real cheap at Amazon or Target. But the lids are kind of difficult to flip on and off and so I worry those will probably break first. In fact, I am surprised the kids have not complained more - but they seem happy with them.

We certainly drink our fair share of milk, soda, juice, but also see no point to send them to school with anything but water. I often comment that we *mostly* drink water, which I am sure is a huge key in our lower grocery bills.

I shared this link already as it is helpful to give lunch ideas:

Text is and Link is

Her angle is "Real foods" but I am just trying for a more "less plastic/trash/disposable" angle myself. Having the proper tools makes it so much easier. I should have bought these divided containers like *four* years ago. We've always utilized these non-disposable containers, but made it harder to add more sides. Anyway, I am glad I have the tools to do so now. I also have a lot of smaller containers to utilize now - I included some ranch dressing with the kids' carrots last week. The new containers were perfect.

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  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Those look like great containers and lunch ideas!

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