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Lost & Found

May 6th, 2013 at 06:39 am

**I am very sad that I can't seem to find my MP3 player. Frown These electronics are *way too small* these days!!

I will keep looking...

**I found one treat during my Saturday de-cluttering: a $100 Kohls gift card. What the... ??? Don't ask me. I am delighted I was stupid enough to lose it and forget about it, because it was a very nice surprise. Big Grin {I'd generally think that I would never find anything like that because am so overly cautious with money}.

As to where it came from? You got me!! I am sure it was a credit card reward, but I will never know why I put it in a drawer and forgot about it. I will just have to enjoy it!!

I have not spent any money at Kohls in well over a year. Probably not much at all in a couple of years, with all the gift cards I had. So, I think this means I won't have to spend any money there this year either. I am hoping they still have the same pants I have been wearing for work - they are really nice but getting tired so I could use a couple of new pairs.


**I don't think I rule much of anything out of my diet, as we just believe in moderation, BUT I am absolutely horrified by splenda and fake sugars. Especially when it comes to the kids.

So, going to the grocery store yesterday was kind of maddening. I wanted to stock up on some smoothie fixings (juice and frozen fruits) and lunch ideas for the kids.

I ended up doing like a $100 grocery run. Holy cow! So dh was helping me unpack and he pointed out the "light" juice I had gotten. *sigh* Of course it was filled with fake sugars. I will set it aside for our parents - whoever wants it. They are all way into fake sugar - fair enough that we each have a parent with diabetes. When I am old and diabetic I will probably be thankful for the fake sugar.

I told dh, "Ugh! Yeah, it was kind of maddening trying to find the "fat" and the "non-light" version of everything." & then I mindlessly grabbed some juice. Duh...


So, today I made the kids lunch. I had got so many groceries that I told them no buying lunch this month. It's fine because dh had no plans to shop this week (he usually does a $100-ish grocery run every week). So, it just worked out.

I perused this website for ideas and kind of made a note of lunch items my kids like. BM is easy because he will pretty much eat anything. LM is more difficult, but probably less picky than most kids. These ideas can be used for adults too, to think of more lunch variety.

Text is http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/2012/04/19/school-lunch-roundup/ and Link is

Today we did...

LM: DIY pepperoni pizza lunchable & pistachios

BM: turky/pepper jack sandwich + carrots/ranch dip + boiled egg + pickles


Thinking tuna sandwich plus some sides. One day this week will have to do a big salad for BM - he LOVES salad. Now I have the containers to oblige him for lunch.

As an aside, the new lunch containers did not fit into the kids' lunch boxes. BUT, I found two that did fit. Phew!! One was a Christmas present from BM for LM (bought for like $5 on clearance) and the other was one I had stocked up on at some point. It looks smaller, but is bigger. Go figure.

I was just googling lunch ideas when I ran across this website. I've seen it before because I believe this is where I got the frozen popsicle mold idea for smoothies. (They are flexible and have lids, so are GREAT for lunches). The problem with our molds was they had a gross smell, which affected the taste of the smoothies. I have read to bathe the molds in baking powder and to try again. So, I need to do that this week - will try again. If we could get the smell out, I would totally buy more molds and do DIY popscicles from here on out.

4 Responses to “Lost & Found”

  1. LittleGopher Says:

    Thanks for the website - we definitely could use some fresh ideas for our daily packed lunches. Every one of those "lunchables" looks delicious!

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    Maybe you thought the gift card was a credit card and so you put it away so you wouldn't use it? That's what happened to me.

    I was amazed at how good a smoothie you can make with just 1. ripe bananas and 2. almond milk. Thrown in some frozen berries (organic, of course) and then you're really getting into it.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Great on finding the gift card...a very nice surprise! The site is very cool ... Thanks for sharing.

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Wow! Nice find Smile

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